The big day

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Three two one

Numbers, Time

The room is full

A hundred, two hundred

Numbers, people

The stage

The stage from which the new face of the company is going to speak is not so far

Ten, twenty metres

Numbers, distances

Amongst all this zeroes and ones, small and big computers take pictures, share, synthesising in few characters the event they haven’t even experienced yet. Everything’s happening here follows a formula. A form, a shape, even. Three sides of the triangle as opposed to the thousands of an imperfect circle.

Numbers, sides

A human figure

So then the human figure with all his sides, finally appears. It seems completely comfortable, ready to receive what seemed waiting for him an entire life. An handshake will make him finally free. A night in which he finally slept

Well. Thank you, I really slept well.

And everyone asking him how he feels, trying to be as friendly as possible.

A Boss, almost

Trying to let him understand who they are before he will become untouchable, godlike, Boss. The almost- god walks chin up, with his mind even higher, scratching the rooftop. Even the force the feet put on stepping on me is way less intense than usual. The steps are lighter, more elegant. All thoughts are going to the soul, which is going to come back soon. All his choices and the sad decisions he made only for this chance. The chance in which he would eventually owe his destiny again, buying his soul.

A missing soul

Happens that after a while people forget their spirit, blind of what it seems always there for them. Some others, like S., couldn’t have stopped thinking about their lost souls even for a moment. We can only imagine how much it has suffered that lost soul. They opened the eyes together, walked together, had sex and drove a car for the first time. But then in few hours everything was all gone. It would be easier if humans have a chance to explain to souls about their choices. How complicated, chaotic and painful is this world. How difficult is to survive in this jungle, when the only way humanity found to survive is burning old liquefied dinosaurs.

Cheers for S.!

At every step

Everyone around stands up as he passes, emphasising with envious smiles every single step he takes. Maybe even hoping for him to stumble. Probably secretly imagining some sort of stop for this tiny stone rumbling from the top of the snowy mountain. A full stop ready to block this enormous snow slide. Come on, someone please look at them, too! All this numbers in a line waiting for their moment to shine. After all this years of hard work, these numbers are still at the same frustrating starting point. But no one is S. No one of them has his strength, his cleverness and knowledge of the souls, the kind of luck that only winners have. Amongst the crowd a lot of students, known faces, future numbers whispering

He’s my professor, I cannot believe it

The father

Also a woman with black hairs and a blue dress looks at him in tears. The proud cold gaze of a man who could be his father and it happens to be exactly that. While following him passing, barely moves his head nodding, expressing with a pleased smile the happiness winners have when watching a newcomer doing the right choice.

Numeri, numbers
Numeri, numbers

The old man now is a Governor, he doesn’t have to ask for admiration anymore. It’s a part of his contract, we’d say. A clause signed with his own life. If he wanted to he could just drop everything and start planting bananas. Or finally help his soul to grow, the same soul someone spent so much money and time to find for him and he ignored every single day. But it’s part of the contract. Giving his only soul for this power that embrace everyone.

Pictures time

Finally on the stage for the pictures. A wide smile to remember an amazing day. Yet, something seems going wrong. Suddenly everyone watch in the opposite side, screaming

Oh my god call an ambulance please

Hey, there’s any doctor?

Numbers, actors

No doctors around, as in a TV movie where actors impersonate someone else. What are the dealers, if not actors trying to play a part? Everything is aimed to be sold, that’s why few of them they really want to help now. Most of the crowd stands there taking pictures and video with their rectangular things, or calling some newspaper to give the news. Everything’s on sale, so why the Governor illness must be different?

Still breathing

Finally the ambulance arrived, three nurses take the Governor who’s still breathing. The appointment with glory has to be postponed and S. follows the paramedics to the exit. Then, coming back to the room he’s in shock. His eyes watching his own giant picture, smiling from the wall, illuminating an empty room. He just want to evaporate from all this.

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