The wall

Great expectations

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Tik, tok, tik, tok

Two pair of shoes follow the same pace, right at the foot of the wall. This pair of high- heeled shoes keeps walking on the white waxed floor at the HQ, leaving behind a trace of perfume and a blue shadow.

Puck, Pack, Pick, Puck

Squared and less sharp, these steps are my steps. This great strides for the first time seem to shake a bit, while cutting diagonally in two the immense hall of the HQ. On the wall, the emblem of the company, revealing to you everything you must know about it. Three animals are jumping over a mirror. A huge box of soul projects a shadow in the centre of the hall, completing the background in which the two figures are moving, now.

Tik- Puck, Tok-Pack, Tick-Pick, Tok-Puck

The two steps mixed up, involved in the same dance of the rendezvous. An endless dance, lasted the same length of the wall containing the figures of the Saints. The faces who made history of the company, exchanging more souls than any others. The wall of whom certainly made it. Finally, we’re in the centre of the hall, a big theatre without wings and actors, only gears. And a big L wiith three animals and a non- reflecting mirror is standing behind them, making the whole scene even more theatrical.

So? Any good news?

Amazing, I must say

Be proud of you

The voice speaks with a smile, which cut the last vowel and pushes some teardrop down the throat. Oh, if only the grandpa was here! Well, nothing is decided, yet. But apparently on the wall there will be soon a new name. On that wall it will be soon the picture, a trace, of another person. First of all everyone will start looking at him differently, probably even lowering their heads. Ah, the grandpa was right all the way! Incredible, and the first idea, to be an artist, seemed to be even a wise idea!

Not so many words, as always. Do you want to speak about that at the restaurant?

Yes, here there’s my

car, double parked for just fifteen minutes. A guy is honking desperately trying to attract the attention. S. keep his cool, the man of the future doesn’t have to say sorry. He has to chew, spit and chew again. The new man has to run, go further, offering everything, even his life as a sacrifice. He finally has to dissolve his adrenaline in room full of weight to lift. As you can see, there’s no time for a parking spot or to ask for apologies. Soon he will be a boss, and the same guy will ever dare honking like that, recognising his status from his own car. Even though this one is a rented one.

Down to the river

The wall
The wall

Inside the car starts the only- one- note band, always so happy and able to cover the deafening noise of the city. In the street you can feel all melted together work in progress, drills, cars and motorbike running fast and the sound from the loudspeakers. Nature’s sounds, jungle noises are there trying to let people feel closer to Planet Earth. The same planet in which the same people spit their chewing gum on the ground, in which cars breathe polluted air and people leave their plastic bag on the trees. This city once had a river. The river was running calm in his bed, even though greyer and greyer every day. One day they discovered that the city was something really useless. Now our car is passing on what once was the bed of the river.

We go to the same place?


You have no chance to stop a river to flow, so you must hide it under the grates, as imprisoned. Over the river, now, there’s another one made of cars. Non stop 24/7 365/365 with honking, lights and all. Probably the best idea ever. Before all the street had to go in every directions, and people was losing precious time. Now the river is an edless line of lights.

I can’t wait, any small preview?

If I would tell you that I will be right on the wall?

During the night the tourists bustle about some pictures that immortalise this amazing show. Thousands of cars are able to illuminate the immense road as it was daylight. Water- air- fire melted all together, while the idea of a river itself disappeared with the last visibile drop of the river. But who really cares, if there are still people ready to fall in love, looking forward. Nature changes, no? Nothing about that river disappear, if not the water probably. What was that phrase? Mass can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be rearranged in space. Actually the river’s shape it’s still there, its small curves and lights just replaced by car fog lights. The river quietly cough underneath, inudible, covered by recorded screams of monkey, fighting to be heard with the noises of drills punching the world.

On the wall? You mean… with your picture?

Picture and name on the wall my love and

To find a parking spot here is getting more and more difficult, mostly because there are not so many exit from the cars- river and everyone wants to find a spot here, exactly here. No more small streets, the big roads have to be free to let big trucks or even boats pass. It’s not even a city on a car scale anymore. But for today it’s ok. Today

we’re gonna pay, I really don’t care!

I like when you’re like that, so carefree

Sometimes it’s better like that, we cannot always double park

So here we are inside another line, to park the car. Inside the parking the nature’s sound get louder and louder. It’s provided for by law, to let people love the environment, but they can really lead you to the opposite reaction. Who would ever love nature, having outside his window the sound of birds extinct decades ago? Since not so long ago

outside my window there was the trumpeting of an elephant. It was annoying me so much I wanted to shoot the loudspeaker

And then what did you do?

Oh, I just shot the loudspeaker

So now we can sit in a table, a deluxe cube this time. It’s black instead of white, with gummy seats and orange details, as it can pass for a Belgian chocolate sweet. They don’t even contemplate the menu. Today they choose the keyboard, but not to save money. Using the bubble they would never describe

The seriousness with which the Boss spoke to me. You must see him, with his square face and his eyes fixed in mine. At the beginning I thought he want to bring me bad news, but then he offered me some liqueur. We started to speak and… but we don’t want to order some champagne?

Here? We can do it?

Sure, we’re in the prive, we can order drinks. There’s champagne or sparkling black water with sugar

I think I will choose the sparkling black water

Right, I think I will take some champagne

A click on the screen and almost instantaneously a silent man with a funny curved nose appeared, placing a cup on the table. The coaster is black with orange details, too and made of that famous Japanese soundproof materials. Then the black fuzzy sugary water arrived


S. happily writes, widening his already broad salesman smile


She writes, adding the emoticon of a small man happily jumping on one foot. Some ecstatic silence follows, and then

So when it will be your last day as a soul dealer?


You must be joking

No, no, no jokes (an emoticon with a smiley face). I’m sorry for my student, I think I will miss them

We’re gonna think about that tomorrow. Now I think we just need to rest, tomorrow I want to see you in good shape (smiley)

Jungle, again

So here we are outside again, ready to jump in the jungle, through the cars. Today they split, going to their respective apartments, tomorrow is a big day and it’s better to sleep on it. S.’s life seems ready for a twist, for a big final change.

The story continues next week with: recap! Recap! Recap!

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