Nodo, the chairs’ mover

What is a chairs’ mover?

It happened to you, I’m sure. You were alone in a room, and you felt one of the chairs moving. If you’re not living in Heidi’s house, you’d probably felt safe on that occasion.

It was a neighbor.

You’d probably said to yourself.

When it happened in a situation when there wasn’t any neighbors to blame, well… You’d probably started being afraid.

Why people get afraid?

Fear is as old as the world itself. We can say it’s the easiest and most potent way nature created to let us stay alive. Fear isn’t always negative, and in many cases, we can learn how to manage it.

A positive fear

With this idea in mind, I started thinking about a story for children.

It was a story with a mischievous protagonist: a chairs’ mover.

What does he do?

Nodo, the chairs' mover. A children's book written by Daniele Frau and illustrated by Gabriele Manca.
Nodo, the chairs’ mover

A chairs’ mover likes to move armchairs, benches, stools, and whatever can make a noise to startle a human. He’s not an evil character, just a mischievous one. Nodo, that’s the name of the protagonist, likes to tease people around more than everything. I like, as many people do, playing tricks. When a joke is well-balanced makes everyone laugh, even the target of the trick itself.

The prank has to stop.

If you need your prank to be funny, it has to have an end. This is precisely how Nodo felt after hundreds of years of teasing people around. He started to feel bored about that life and decided to go for a long journey. He needs to reach the Land of the chairs’ movers.

He will make it?

First of all, Nodo won’t be alone anymore. He will find out other creatures, as mischievous as him.

Secondly, well… you will see.

You can read it in Italian and English! If you have children, you could try the story with them. In case your children started studying Italian at school, you can decide to read it in Italian for them. Or you can use one of ours audiobook, soon available!

Here you can buy a copy of the book!

Inside of the book Nodo the chairs' mover, a book for children wrote by Daniele Frau and with Gabriele Manca's illustrations. Available in English and Italian.
Inside the book Nodo the chairs’ mover

Who are we?

After the fantastic illustrations he made for Souls Alive and Go back to the future, we have again with us Gabriele Manca (DMQproducions).

The project is sponsored by Genitori alla Frutta, and in particular Silvia. Without her, the whole project would remain just an idea. She will publish the first two extracts of the story in Italian on her website, while here they will be published in English. It would also serve as an instrument for parents that want to start homeschooling with their children. On this strange times more than ever.

Part I

Let’s see what a chairs’ mover is and what does he do, reading the first part of the original text of the book.

Nodo, the chairs’ mover.
Nodo, the chairs’ mover

Part II

And here is when we meet the second character, a twigs’ snapper! Read how it continues, with the original text of the book!

Nodo the chairs' mover, the book is out!
Nodo the chairs’ mover, the book is out!

Special thanks

Special thanks to Maestra Nuccia, for her priceless help. Without her feedback and editing, I don’t think I would ever write a single line. And to my nephew, Mattia. This story is written for him.

Oh, I’m Daniele Frau. If you have any comments or ideas, please feel free to contact me or comment here below!