If you’re a visual, that’s for you

Visual, by Daniele Frau.
Visual, by Daniele Frau.

Visual is a person that learns mostly via images. All memories then are related to a picture, a photo, a colour. Today, most of us are getting more visual, thanks mainly to social media. Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Behance, and countless social media have something in common: visual is better.

So, what is this page about?

Here in Flyingstories, we want to tell stories. We take inspiration from our travels and experiences. It’s a crazy world, and as you maybe noticed, reading our short stories and Souls Alive, we try to make the best out of it.

Inspiration doesn’t exist, it only takes ten minutes of your time in the real world, and you’re plenty of stories.

Most of the time, we confuse the fact that we’re increasingly attracted by images from the fact that images is the first form of attraction. Let’s give you an example: imagine you’re walking in a bookstore on a Sunday morning with the idea of buying a new book for your girlfriend, boyfriend or your nephew or niece. So, your decision is based on:

  • the image on the cover
  • the book’s name
  • the author’s name

On top of that, usually you’d probably:

  • check the recommendation
  • the prizes the book won in the past
  • author’s picture and bio

And last but not the least: the price.

All of this information can be equally important, depending on the reader. For instance, if I’m an occasional reader, the image and the book’s name would be as important as the recommendation or the prizes. I would probably recognize the author or the publishing house if I were a regular reader.

What about visual?

Glovy in a cup, the best way to start a day.
Glovy, a twigs snapper.

All this to say that we needed this section on Flyingstories. Maybe you don’t know about Souls Alive or Nodo the chairs’ mover, but you are attracted by the illustrations by DMQ productions, and that’s enough for you to buy the book.

No worries, we have plenty of pictures ready for you to scroll!

Let’s start with some stories!

What if people will start falling from the sky?

Go back to the future, a original story written by Daniele Frau.
Go back to the future, a original story written by Daniele Frau.
  • The fall, Going back to the future
    The fall, Going back to the future

What if we were living in a souls’ world?

Anime Vive Daniele Frau
Anime Vive, Daniele Frau
  • S., the dealer of souls, a job_First Chapter_Souls Alive. Story by Daniele Frau. Daniele Frau_Illustrations by DMQproductions
    S., the dealer of souls, the job.

Would you like to read some short stories?

  • The Portrait
    The portrait, by Daniele Frau.

How to forget Nodo, the chairs’ mover?

  • Nodo, the chairs mover, by Daniele Frau.
    Nodo, the chairs mover, by Daniele Frau.

And soon, some new stories and images, dear visual!