Souls (Alive)

S. give up with his soul

The souls World

Il venditore di anime
Il venditore di anime

The idea

The idea of creating an entire world depending on souls’ trade came from my personal life’s experience. Step by step I see the people around me, all over the world, forgetting what means to be human. Better than that, forgetting what means to be alive.

A soul

Selling our soul is nothing different from choosing a job just to survive, or to pay a new phone or new car we don’t need. We are willing to trade our real self for nothing more than smoke and mirrors. This doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you’re doing a job you hate, sometimes life is just too complicated. Just, please, never forget who you are, never forget to find your own self, your soul, even if it means to loose contact with reality, for a while.

First chapter

The world of souls
The world of souls

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The first chapter is all about the description of the world of souls. Every element of this world has a soul. So we’ll have the first chapter accounted by a pair of shoes. I took inspiration from Gogol’s Dead Souls not only for the title of the book, as you will see. And Italo Calvino, and Saramago, and so many other authors guided me throught this crazy idea which is writing a book.

Second Chapter

Second Chapter
Second Chapter: The journey of souls

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So we finished our first chapter knowing that S. is going to be a Boss, with a girlfriend and no problems in sight. His father’s death complicates everything and the discovery of a dark soul inside his body instead of the white one expected will be a shock. The rightful owner of the soul appears, together with a coroner doctor. Here our travel begins!

Third Chapter

Here is where you, reader, aware of the rules of the world of the souls, are ready to go deeper and deeper to the secrets of this world.

Fourth Chapter

The final Chapter will be published in a book, in Italian and English.

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