Souls alive

How to sell souls?

The idea

What would humanity do if they had the possibility to change their souls? Yes you read it well, we’re speaking about trading a soul. The ultimate secret humanity is chasing from the very beginning, the ultimate enigma.

Change your soul!

Guess what? This story is about a world very similar to ours, where humans discovered how to extract souls from other human beings. They are everywhere, in the object and the animals, but only the human souls can be removed and traded.

So who’s telling us the story? Them, the ultimate spirits, of course. They observe us from their unique perspective.

A pair of shoes

Your shoes, for instance, knows more about you than many people that surround you every day do. Those colleagues you chit-chat at work, those guys you go playing football once a week.

Then, a pair of shoes catch our attention and starts explaining in real-time what a dealer of souls does.

What a dealer of souls is?

People spend their time in silence, gawking at their rectangular devices. Their dream is to get their hands on a better soul than the one they already have.

Who decides if a soul is better than another?

The dealers of souls, of course! They can put a label, a price on a soul, depending on its color and weight. The same dealers don’t have any soul, though; or, to be correct, they possess half of it. They use it for work and for work only!

The first chapter

The value of a soul_Souls_Alive_First chapter_By Daniele Frau_Illustrations by Gabriele Manca.
The value of a soul.

That’s how the first chapter begins: read it here for free

You are carried around by a pair of shoes and your perspective is bottom-to-top. You will have a look under the tables, and you’ll glance under the skirts; you will know when someone starts being nervous because the feet will begin to shake restlessly. I took inspiration from Gogol’s Dead Souls not only for the title of the book, as you will see.

Second Chapter

The wall_The river of cars
The wall_The river of cars

Here you can read the second chapter, for free

You might think this is getting crazy at this point. The perspective changes again, this time with a soul trapped inside a hat. Yes, a hat, which gives us the possibility to explore another exciting point of view.

This time you will see everything from top to bottom, but the hat owner is nothing less than a loser. Yes, a loser, not a powerful man as S., ready to reach the peak of success


However, his father’s death complicates everything. The coroner gets a dark soul inside his father’s body; there is a dark soul instead of a white one! Here the situation escalate when the rightful owner of the soul appears, determined to ask his rightful soul back.

Third Chapter

The well of souls_Third Chapter.

The tracker

Here is where you can read the third chapter

The story gets more complicated, with a new character, the tracker of souls. He’s the kind of person you call when you’re in serious trouble. This time, S. call him for a completely different task. He must give the guy who follows S., the right owner of the white soul, a wrong path to follow. Doing so, he will free S. with his attempt to catch the coroner, M. She has the white soul, wrapped into a piece of paper and a bloody little finger. S. knows they’re going to the well of souls and this will intrigue the tracker. The well of souls, a place considered to be just a myth, ready to be discovered!

Fourth Chapter

Christophorus Columbus_Souls Alive_ By Daniele Frau_Illustrations by Gabriele Manca
Christophorus Columbus

The last chapter is published in the Italian version of the book, that you can buy here. There you will discover what is the well of souls and where resides the real source of power.

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The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.
The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.

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