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La caduta_gli alieni

Short story in 5 acts

In a future world not different from the one we used to live, started falling human beings from the sky. Who are they? What do they want from us?

The head of the State

The Governor will be forward-thinking enough to understand how to prevent this from becoming a crisis, or he will use it at his advantage? People will realize there are their nephews and nieces the future people, the aliens we’re speaking about?

The cards

We imagined the illustrations for this story as cards, to be played by some characters. Each of them is important for the story’s future, from a glove to a cat, and each of them will lead us to the end of the story.

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P.s. If you want to read more about what inspired Daniele Frau in writing this story, read here.

The Future drops from the sky

This is the first part.

La caduta_gli alieni
La caduta, gli alieni.

The future attacks!

And this is the second part.

Un guanto perduto_a missing glove
Un guanto perduto_a missing glove

The future is dangerous!

Guess what? This is the third one.

Il Capo_The Champ
Il Capo_The Champ

The future decided by a cat

Surprise, surprise! The fourth one.

La carta del gatto
Ritorna al futuro_il Parlamento_il gatto

Simply, the end

The end

Finale_The end
Finale_The end

Leggila in Italiano!

Daniele Frau

This is an original story in 5 parts written by Daniele Frau and illustrated by Gabriele Manca Dmqproductions. All the rights for the story and the illustrations are kept by the respective owners.