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Travelling is an experience, no doubt about it. But what is even more true is that it isn’t the travel there to change you, but it’s your mindset. If you travel comparing the food, drinks, and everything surrounding you to where you come from, you are technically always home.

You never left

I know many people going on a trip and suddenly saying phrases like:

“Oh, but the coffee is rubbish! Nothing like home.”

Travelling with some people sometimes is shocking. They don’t want to learn something new, listen to some stories of the locals and learn their traditions. Here’s another example:
When you go to Italy, don’t expect to have almost anywhere a long coffee, also called americano.

Americano is a cocktail!

Sometimes tourists travelling to Italy learn the phrase:

“Un caffè, per favore.”

And that’s completely fine. But then, when the short coffee arrives, they start arguing with the waiter that they didn’t ask for espresso but for a simple coffee.

What is the misunderstanding here? For an American, a cup of coffee means 6 to 8 ounces of liquid. In contrast, for an Italian, 1 to 3 ounces is more than enough to be called a cup of coffee.

But fasten your seatbelt, because something weird would happen if you follow an Italian tourist travelling to Spain. In Italy, a corto coffee means a normal espresso coffee, but in Spain this tourist will discover soon that cortado in Spanish means espresso macchiato!

Such a fuss!

Travelling in Georgia- flying stories- graphic by Daniele Frau
Travelling in Georgia- flying stories- graphic by Daniele Frau.

Yes, Flyingstories is specialised in delivering stories, not in coffee making. If something as simple as drinking and ordering coffee can be a problem, imagine what happens with something more complicated.

I always remember the saying that goes like this:

“A good translator doesn’t describe the Eiffel Tower as a 300 m tall building, but conveys it as Tower of Pisa for an Italian and Big Ben Tower for a British.”

This doesn’t mean that you need to do it when travelling. Alas, what you need is the exact opposite. You need to submerge yourself in something different, in foreign perfumes, diverse cults and beliefs.

Travelling starts being fun, then.

In this section, we want you to come with us as if you were aliens, closing your eyes and letting the experience flow. We will speak about Japan, Italy, France, the UK, the US, Algeria, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Georgia, Russia, etc.

Every place is a story, and travelling is the best way to learn as many stories as we want. So, the next time you think that your coffee is the best and you’re in Japan, close your eyes, try their special coffee and I promise you’ll discover some new and unique tastes in it.

Our stories are written by Daniele Frau. Besides being our creative copywriter, was also a long haul cabin crew for many years and travelled to every spot on the map.

Are you curious?

That’s Japan!

Tokyo- Japan- graphic by Daniele Frau.
Tokyo- Japan- graphic by Daniele Frau.
  1. Japan Adventures
  2. Japanese Mimic People
  3. Capsule hotel in Tokyo
  4. Tokyo Skytree

That’s Senegal!

Senegal, travels with flyingstories.
Senegal, travels with flyingstories.
  1. Senegal, Dakar
  2. Gorèe island
  3. The Baobab
  4. The House of Slaves
  5. The End of our journey

That’s Vinoé!

Discover more about this project of travelling in the vineyards, read here about Vinoè.

How important is it to read?

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