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Secondo capitolo: Il viaggio delle anime

Secondo Capitolo

Anime (Vive)

Morte, anime, fuga e verità

Sono tante le parti di questa storia che, come un puzzle sofisticato in bianco e nero si scambiano e sembrano non incontrarsi mai. Flashback che ci vengono raccontati da una nonna in lacrime, uffici suicidi e anime nascoste in mignoli mozzati.

Una storia di anime?

Pian piano iniziamo a capire che la storia in sé non gira intorno alle anime, ma a chi ne tradisce la vera essenza. Le anime non sono altro che un’energia che sostiene il nostro mondo, lo racconta, struttura e al tempo stesso ne è la forma.

Una storia di desideri

Il desiderio di S. è quello di avere indietro la sua anima. Sperava un giorno di avere l’anima di suo padre, un suo regalo. Il suo desiderio di carriera, insieme a questa speranza, dovranno fare i conti con la realtà. Il ragazzo, spinto dalla verità misurata dalle labbra morenti della nonna, non potrà che cercare vendetta per la sua occasione perduta. M., dal canto suo, è il più disincantato dei personaggi. Non vuole immergersi nel mondo, non più. Anime, corpi in putrefazione o canto degli uccellini, tutto fa parte di qualcosa per lei alieno. Eppure il fato, sotto forma di un’anima, la strapperà a questo sogno lucido.

La fuga

Infine, una fuga a tre. Una fuga di anime e desideri, che ci porterà in un viaggio inaspettato. In una terra delle anime in cui si piantano ancora i sogni, si bevono caffè e si mangia nei ristoranti.

Il secondo capitolo

Secondo capitolo: Il viaggio delle anime
Secondo capitolo: Il viaggio delle anime
  1. La premiazione
  2. Nella notte
  3. Il corpo e l’anima
  4. Trovalo!
  5. Quel ragazzo
  6. Vendetta
  7. La piramide
  8. Bu
  9. Il paziente delle 8.05
  10. La dottoressa
  11. Un corpo che… parla?
  12. Il cappello
  13. Passi

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Second Chapter

Second Chapter

Souls (Alive)

Death, souls, escape and truth

So many pieces of this story seem not to match, as they were a complicated w/b puzzle. We have flashbacks accounted by a crying grandma ashamed of herself, suicide offices and souls hidden inside cut fingers.

A story of souls?

Little by little we start understanding that this story is not all about souls as we thought. Not really. Souls are just an energy, the hidden force behind our world, which tell stories, give us a structure. In a word, they are the shape of th world itself.

A story of desires

S. has a desire: having his souls back. His ultimate dream would be one day to have his father’s soul, which was his own present. He desires a great career, and this as well as having his father’s souls has to come to terms with reality. The boy, in the meantime, is searching his own revenge against whom, his grandma said, stole his soul (and all his perspective with it). M. is the most cyinic of all the characters. She doesn’t want to dive into the world. Not anymore. Souls, corpses or the chirping of birds, everything’s part of an alien world for her. Even though the fate, in the shape of a soul, is going to take her in a journey.

The escape

Finally, an escape for three. An escape for souls and desires, ready to lead us in an unexpected travel. A travel in a souls world in which people are still planting its own dreams, drinking coffee and eating in restaurants.

The second chapter

Second Chapter
Second Chapter: The journey of souls
  1. The Big day
  2. The night
  3. About body and soul
  4. Find him!
  5. That boy
  6. Vendetta!
  7. The pyramid
  8. Bu
  9. The patient of 8.05 a.m.
  10. The doctor
  11. A corpse that… speaks?
  12. The hat
  13. Steps

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The meeting between S. and the boy


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The encounter

The colours and the sounds are fading away, colours in the eyes of a man drunk of life. He drops the bottle and


The meeting between S. and the boy


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I suoni si scoloriscono in lontananza, un quadro che fluttua tra i sogni di un artista ubriaco di vita. La bottiglia gli cade dalle mani e produce un suono.


The hat_ il cappello

The hat

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At the market

Markets are complex places, full of colours and voices. Sometimes theatre and cinema try to replace the murmur of crowd just saying

Walla Walla

All together. But if you have experience of markets, you won’t be fooled. Maybe I’m not as useful as a pair of shoes or as precise as a watch, but I know how people yell in a market. I also know how winter changes the market itself. I’m familiar with winter, the season in which I, an humble hat, suddenly become important.

The life of a hat

In between this indistinct chattering and yelling, this human crowd murmuring, a hand takes me, another tries me over his head and looks at me in his reflection. I don’t have any advice to give to anyone, but that skull is too big for me, while that one has a sweaty forehead. In case they’d buy me, I would fly at the first wind blow and then who’d spend a minute to pick me up from a puddle?

No respect for hats, that’s all. Not even for gentleman’s hats.

This guy

Right now there’s a guy coming towards me. He’s not good looking and has a serious grim, but the shape of his head is perfect for me. Sure, we’re a lot here. So many hats to choose from, even though I feel I’m more elegant than a fedora,  a panama, a bowler, or a flat cap. Oh, I said that, didn’t I? He chose me! He wears me perfectly and pulls me over his eyes. Homburg is always a good choice.


Mumble in appreciation to the salesman

It’s only 30


Reply the man, not happy about the price. So the price drops to

25? I think it’s honest for a hat like this one


He left!

He answers back once again, still not happy about the price suggested by the salesman, and he quits. No, you small head salesman, go after him, stop him, he seems to have the perfect head shape. And probably some story to tell. With a head like that, it will be a shame not to understands his end.

No, no, wait! are you going for real? It was a joke, you see. I would never let you go without this hat. Wait, my friend. I say, wait! Let’s make it 20, deal?


Answers happily the guy with the perfect skull. The head of the salesman makes a lot of small wrinkles of happiness, while we leave fast out of that screaming mass of people

That face, that face

The hat_ il cappello
The hat_ il cappello

That square, that cube to solve in every side and every lost colour. The door opens, bringing the smell of forgotten, of dust, paper. Small pieces of wall, white, are in the ground as a reminder of a sad white and black carnival passed.

The room is simple, with a small red table. On the door, an elephant drawing, that the time discoloured.

The eyes watch down, the back bend and all together with the hands they try to find a drawer. Inside the drawer, a lot of random papers, the dark side that was forgotten, giving the back to the sun. Elephants, leaves, clouds, mountains and tubers, but no trace of a face. Why I know he’s searching for a face? He just keeps repeating

That face, that face, that face, hmpf

What a face looks like?

As a hat I don’t really know a lot, I’m just a thing, an element useful to repair heads from sun and rain. But one thing I know it’s that the faces are ovals, with a nose in the middle, two red or dark strips horizontal under the nose, with which the faces can yellto call yellow cars. Over the nose two things called eyes coloured the world and the soft one on the side record the sounds. And keep hats on, most of the time. On top of the heads, you’ll find most of the time a natural hat, called hair.

It’s him

So, a face is roughly as simple as that. Oh, the boy just finds out a face. The face is long, with a nose long and narrow as a finger and two small moustaches as commas over the lips. If only that man would buy me, with that moustaches I would be a star! The hands now are shaking, while they found a small note on the side of the paper

His name is S. Follow him

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The hat_ il cappello

Il cappello

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Al mercato

I mercati sono colorati, colmi di quel vociare che non tutti sanno riprodurre, che so, in un film. Per alcuni basta ripetere


First Words_Italian alphabet

The alphabet

First words

Let’s have some old- fashioned recap, now. Let’s start with the alphabet.  As we said before, there is a classic method for everything we decide to study. A classic way you can study the alphabet is the repetition of the sound of a language. In this case, the purpose is to give us a small base to start with.

A corpse that... un corpo che...

A corpse that… speaks?

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A corpse



Do you believe in reincarnation?

A corpse that... un corpo che...

Un corpo che… parla?

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Un corpo



Lei ci crede nella reincarnazione?

M. il medico_ The doctor

Il medico

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Sono un umile orologio da polso

Il tempo

Il tempo non è altro che un ritmo. Più ingombrante lo spazio, più sarà semplice vedere questo movimento dilatarsi fino quasi a dissolversi del tutto. Qui, dunque, in questo mini spazio controllato, il tempo risulta essere minuto, piccolo. Un nano di tempo, nel grande circo di luci e pianeti. Non si fa in tempo ad aprire una porta ed ecco che qualche secondo sembra volare via, insieme con qualche corpo bianchiccio o giallognolo.