What is fiction?


Raise up your hand if you’re one of those ready to doubt about everything, even your own reality. If you’re one of them, you’re one of us, welcome. We’re not coming here with any solution, but with a lot of questions. Our stories are made with this in mind. How do you see the world?


So, stories are the way we decide to take account of reality, with alien eyes.


It’s always stimulating when reading stories, to have a glance of what the author has in mind. In a world enslaved by imagines, it’s fundamental. Gabriele Manca (DMQ productions), the designer, decided to collaborate with us in giving an immediate idea of what the story is about. His drawings are making the stories something more than just stories, giving them a new voice.

Different languages

All the stories they’re supposed to have a sense, to lead to an idea. As we said before, they can make you doubt about your own reality. In a sense, they have to be understandable in different ways by different people. It’s not as easy as it could sound. To make a bit more easier to digest, we decided to translate our stories thanks to Daniele Frau, our author.

Which stories?

For us, fiction isn’t just an empty word to use in a bookstore. Fiction means a better understanding of the real deal, that reality that most of the time scares, gives us new ideas. You can choose to read Souls Alive, a long story about a world of souls, whcih is also a printed book in Italian, published in 2019. In this section you’ll find a story, Go back to the future, with a card for each part of the story. That’s about a world where people from the future comes back to the past in search of a better life, but they inevitably won’t. In the last section, short stories, you will find some fresh ideas, easy to read.

So, don’t waste any more time, read our stories here, comment and share!