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The soul of a salesman

Oh how easy is to follow a salesman, when you’re at his feet. It would be more difficult if I was a glove, lost in between one shake and another in a cold winter. And  an old witchcraft seems to  connect inextricably offices and handshakes, enough to raise the question if are born before the cold pleasantries or the awful furnishings in the cubicles.

That smell

That airless environment in which a mix of paper and ink form a musty smell cannot be changed even by new technologies. They waste an enormous amount of paper and time just as an habit, not to use a bit of  common sense. Honestly, it’s a natural fact that to remember to say to the secretary of the secretary to call the engineer so-and-so you need to use a disproportioned amount of paper.


Hidden in between the tentacles of the middle- class and middle- progress, you can find the most various kind of people. Some of them raise to a new position quicker than others, watching their stripes as General bright even in the dark of their conscience. Everyone knows how to recognise a boss and the boss itself likes to be recognised, as well.    

One in a million

Pats on the back, calm laugh and that peace of mind that reminds a pond in Finland, during winter. A clever one from time to time seems to stand out of the mass, too intent on shooting mails and signing papers with a wonderful round stamp. But in this case we really don’t have to search too much for this person, he’s just over me, even though now he’s soaked in rain and he’s rattling his teeth for the cold.


His I year selling class is giving him great satisfaction. They working hard not to receive a “no” as an answer, using before build again and destroy to renovate. Tell me if this is not the best leading class for our tomorrow! Oh if only there were more of this perfect boys and girls, always happy and ready to joke. Yes, making jokes is a strategy to build up a group and then improve their leadership. It doesn’t matter if they have to use their parents’ money to emerge, they must spend to achieve their goal. This is the greater lesson for them. In fact, if no one ever was so brave to take a loan, no one ever put a foot on the Moon, not to speak about Mars. No one ever would think about solving that souls matter.

That souls matter

Piramide, l'anima
Piramide, l’anima

For sure all that counting, registering, weighing and evaluating didn’t come by chance. Someone started spending money he didn’t have to achieve and discover something new. If it wasn’t for the boats of Christopher Columbus, right now we couldn’t eat potatoes, tomatoes and maybe we didn’t perpetrate the mass extinction of an entire population due to war and endemic diseases.

You can learn from your mistakes

I mean, obviously the last ones would be better if never occurred, but as they say even from something so atrocious you can have a good result. As a matter of fact is thanks to all that killing and dying that an ingenious doctor found out the soul. In few seconds the weight of the corpse collapse, even thought it was a small amount, just few grams. Taken individually, the drop in weight was almost impossible to detect, but having a mass of dead bodies on a weight scale you could see it. It was sudden and clear, and it bring up new sciences as Animatology and Animatosophy, now grouped as Aniphisics. For sure, without a loan, all the efforts of that clever doctor would be never be able to discover the key of our reality and human existence. The soul.

Who’s over my laces?

Let’s take a step back. Maybe you’re confused about whom is the man walking over my laces. He’s the same gentleman with pointy moustache. Today will be the great day in which he will discover the name of the doctor, so then he’ll be able to find his father’s soul and finally all this nightmare will finish. Yesterday, though, was a grey day.

A grey day

Sitting in his bed, S. was thinking about who would find amusing stealing his precious shoes. Yes, he had a great copy of his own shoes in exchange, but you could see the imperfection on the stitching and the bad smell. Then, after a few minutes walking to reach the gym, he finally found the solution. Under a locker, I was lying almost in despair. Finding me seems to be the sign he was waiting for, something starts working on his side, finally. Until now.

The voice is spreading out

The class is attending massively to his lessons and that is something ready to come quick to the upper levels. Seems that the boss in charge for the office for promotions never forgot about him, so he’s just one step away from being promoted. Slowly he starts imitating this boss, being his duplicated man. He’s on the first step on the stairs leading to success. Or probably already at the third step. In front of him a world of boss, boss of a boss, boss of the boss of the boss and Governor.

Governor, again

Yes, Governor as his father was, a legendary position, the one everyone aspire to achieve. This person is one of the few that doesn’t need a soul anymore, and he owns one just to put it into a box and show it proudly to his friends. Sometimes he buys a brand new soul which he put it in a transparent box, when his close friends come for a cognac or a cigar. to have a laugh.

Go, kill yourself and multiply

Who more than a Governor is ready to sacrifice souls, instead of buying or selling them? Mostly, his job is to control that they’re not killing to each other. Most of the time the problem it’s not even that they’ll kill themselves, he just hope they don’t do it without a reason he chooses. To kill themselves it’s not even considered a crime, we are so many that would be crazy to stop whom understand before the others that’s the only way to freed themselves. Most importantly, they have to kill themselves following the rules.

Procedures, procedures, procedures

And the rules are simple. You have to fill up a form, send it to the suicide office closest to your place, and wait. An helpful officer will read it in his office, a character in white and black which have the power to sign your document and to stamp it. Obviously souls cannot stay there forever, after the extraction from the suicide. That’s why newbie souls dealers are going to this offices hoping for some good deal.

The doc, now is a matter of time

This time the aim is different and it’s not a newbie for sure. S. is searching for the name of a doctor, which eventually would lead him to the soul of his father. In the moment he will put his hands on the soul, this chaotic chapter of his life will be over. He will be ready to go to the new Governor and show the pure soul of his father, a gift to have his life back. Everything is going to be remembered as an accident, something even funny if enough years will pass. Something to laugh about while smoking a cigar and drinking a cognac.

So, let’s go to Bu, in a week.

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