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Imagine, if you can

Flyingstories started in 2018 from the idea of the author Daniele Frau. While many people wrote travel blogs, his vision was a mind-travel blog. Flying worldwide doesn’t mean necessarily having an open mind or being more original than the average person (if still there is such a person).

Yes, nice, but what is this about?

We have different topics in Flyingstories, but we are specialized in creating stories, as you can imagine. Our articles have something in common: we wanted to describe everything as an alien, or a baby would do in a simple, open-minded way.


Souls Alive
Souls Alive, by Daniele Frau

The category Fiction  has been for a long time the most-read in Flyingstories. In this section, we started in 2018 publishing a story, divided into weekly parts. The story is called Souls alive, and it’s about a dealer of souls searching for something vital. In January 2019, the project became real and had been published as a paperback book in Italian with the title Anime vive. It would be impossible to achieve such a result without the help of an artist as Gabriele Manca, DMQ productions.

The Fall, illustration by DMQproductions

In 2019 we published another story called Go back to the future. Imagine your nephews and nieces from the future, coming back to the past in search of a better life and the people starting to call them “aliens”. The short story, available in English and Italian, is free to read in the Fiction category.

Short stories

Short stories, the new session in Flyingstories website. Graphics by Daniele Frau.
Short stories.

And then we have a section for Short stories. In no more than 4000 characters, we will try to make you jump from your seat. Not an easy task, but we will try anyway. Have a look to our short stories section!

Small stories

Nodo, the chairs' mover. A children's book written by Daniele Frau and illustrated by Gabriele Manca.
Nodo, the chairs’ mover

Small stories is the last category we added, but there is a reason why we pin in almost on the top. We recently published the children’s book Nodo, the chairs’ mover in English and Italian, and it got quite popular. The idea is simple, beating some of the most common kids’ (and not only kids) fears with some funny characters. We will have a chairs’ mover, a twigs’ snapper and a keys’ hider. Oh, and we couldn’t forget to bring on a dragon!

Our services

The team of Flyingstories works every day to give fresh content to its readers. We translate from and into English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. If you need assistance in creating your story and translate it so the world will read it, don’t hesitate to contact us!