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Souls Alive

Souls Alive is a story about a dealer of souls. Read it on the Fiction section, in English or Italian. And from January 2020 you can order your book in Italian!

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Nodo, the Chairs' mover

Daniele Frau lead us to a story for children, in English and Italian. You will meet Nodo and many other characters. Have a look in Small stories section.

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Do you have a story?

Do you have a story in mind, and you want to share it with the world? We will help you with editing and traslating it. Contact us, and let's make it happen!

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Imagine your nephews and nieces are dropping from the sky, coming from a future of poverty and war. That's Go back to the future, on the Fiction session.

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Italian Lessons

We will try to give you some free Italian lessons. As always, we will use stories. Through them, you'll be able to follow a path, and improve your Italian.

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Our Heroes

In the People section you can read about our heroes, their adventures and super powers. Juggling, drawing or simply a mathematicians. Read about them and be inspired!

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Flying Stories couldn't miss to have a Travel session. Check that out, read how we found ourselves lost in Japan or Amsterdam. You don't like reading? No problem, check the Our Eyes session for videos and pictures!

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Glovy the twigs snapper
October 3, 2020 No Comments

Who’s Glovy?

In the forest See who’s Nodo! Leggi in italiano sul sito di Genitori alla Frutta! Glovy When Nodo started to panic, thinking that he brought with him a defective cork, came a voice from behind him. <<You’re a chairs’ mover, aren’t you?>> Slowly, he managed to turn, only to face a creature half of his […]

Nodo, the chairs’ mover.
September 14, 2020 No Comments

Hey, that’s Nodo!

Vuoi leggere la storia di Nodo ai tuoi bambini in lingua italiana? Ora puoi, vai alla pagina di Genitori alla Frutta! What a chairs’ mover is? Once upon a time… This is how a story start, right? Well, not this time. This time is present, as it is this small, funny little creature whose feet […]

Daniele Frau posing with Gabriele Manca's original handmade mask. Character
August 23, 2020 No Comments

Come si legge un personaggio?

Eroi e anti eroi Read this article in English …Continua da “Ogni storia è un lago” Dai un’occhiata alla catalogazione dei personaggi classici. Per semplificare, se teniamo presente un personaggio principale o eroe, potremo immaginare un antagonista o anti- eroe. Gli altri personaggi che incontreremo saranno in un modo o nell’altro aiutanti dell’uno o dell’altro […]