Hey, that’s Nodo!

Nodo, the chairs’ mover.

Hey, that’s Nodo!

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What a chairs’ mover is?

Once upon a time…

This is how a story start, right? Well, not this time.

This time is present, as it is this small, funny little creature whose feet stick out under the light blue curtains. No one seems to pay attention to him, maybe because he learned how to be invisible and hide even his big nose similar to a big toe. He’s there, scared, while few feet away, a small human, a so-called child, is seated drawing a blue kite.

A child!

The child is drawing with force with a blue pencil, so that after a while, one of his cheek is turning blue as well. The funny little man, whose name is Nodo, is looking at him behind the curtains. He’s scared, a small movement could give him up. The child would then call his parents, full grown-up humans, and the chairs’ movers world will cease forever. It’s better to wait a bit more, when the child will go downstairs to eat one of those steaming plates that attract the humans. At that point, Nodo will be free to go back to his friends, that are waiting for him.

All right, first things first. It’s better to explain what a chairs’ mover is.

Nodo is a chairs’ mover, a small funny creature which likes to scare you moving chairs in the middle of the night!
Nodo, a character realised by Gabriele Manca (DMQproductions)

Somewhere, really far from us, in Japan or China, no one used chairs for a long time, but today they do. You can even choose to have a plastic armchair and a wood or iron stool. For this reason, the chairs’ movers decided to travel, to do what they love the most: move chairs. How can a chairs- mover travel? Someone like Nodo, our friend with a big-toe-nose. Let’s take him as an example, so we’ll know how he finished trapped behind this light- blue curtains, close to a baby- human.

See, Nodo has always been a curious guy. After more than a hundred years, bored of moving the chairs in a castle, he decided to explore the world. His exploration stopped a few doors away in a poor farmer’s house. Here there weren’t many chairs as in the castle, where they made sumptuous dinners. Nonetheless, he had more fun moving only three chairs.

That was because noble people don’t really listen, but poor people always do. Small movements of a chair in the middle of the night, and they all awaken, scared to the bone. He didn’t really get what they shouted in those moments. The chairs’ movers don’t know many words, and most of the time, they confuse the few ones they know.

For instance, Nodo thought a lamp was a massive, golden fruit, and an orange was an animal similar to an elephant (besides having eyes big as tennis balls and a yellow tail).

A simple life

A hundred years passed, an ordinary chairs’ mover life. From house to house, Nodo moved chairs after chairs, the first phones appear, the first radios and even new kinds of chairs. When even the farmers started to annoy him, he backpacked again, searching for new adventures. Someone told him about a land called The Land of Chairs- Movers. Once in a market (chairs- movers love markets because they eat the smells in the air), a colleague told him for the first time about it.

Dear Nodo

Began that chatty chairs- mover.

There is a land for chairs-movers, a land where everyone is welcome, a place so full of good smell because everyone brings some from someplace in the world.

He didn’t believe it, at first. Day after day, and year after year, the idea of discovering that scented- land grew inside him. In general, we cannot say chairs- movers are fast decision-makers. Nodo took around twenty years to convince himself. So, one day put everything he owned in a backpack (a chair- shaped piece of wood and a cork) and left passing through the window, determined to discover this land of chairs’ movers.

After a few days of roaming around in the forest, Nodo started to feel bad. See, a chairs’ mover is not accustomed to walking so much and couldn’t eat the smell around him, all strange and mysterious. For instance, he was scared to smell some flowers and be poisoned.

He started to feel sadder at every step, and decided to sit on a grey rock. If you’d see him at that moment, you’d probably think he was part of the rock, a small smooth stone. Behind him, he felt a sudden noise.


He turned, but apart from the peaceful forest and the soft wind moving the trees’ leaves, there was no one. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be a human. Humans have such a strong smell, Nodo could feel them from far away, even kilometers.

Who’s there?

Asked Nodo, hesitant.

And, behind him, another snapped twig.


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The character in the picture is created by Gabriele Manca (DMQproductions), who reserves all rights.

All rights of the story “Nodo the chairs’ mover” and its translation in Italian are reserved by Daniele Frau.

Daniele Frau

Daniele Frau is a translator and content writer living in Dubai, coming from an amazing Italian island, Sardinia.

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