Who’s Glovy?

Glovy the twigs snapper

Who’s Glovy?

In the forest

See who’s Nodo!

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When Nodo started to panic, thinking that he brought with him a defective cork, came a voice from behind him.

<<You’re a chairs’ mover, aren’t you?>>

Slowly, he managed to turn, only to face a creature half of his size.

<<Yes-yes, I’m a chairs’ mover. But who are you?>>

Answer Nodo to the small creature, blushing a bit.

<<What? You don’t recognise me? I’m a twigs’ snapper!>>

The small creature answered, a bit offended not to be recognised.


Exclaimed Nodo, that thought twigs’ snappers weren’t real, as other stories invented by humans, such as gnomes, fairies and all spirits of the forest. They couldn’t be as real as a chairs’ mover!

After all, he couldn’t ignore the friendly stare of the twigs’ snapper in front of him. She was standing all smiley, dressed only with a torn old biker’s glove. From the index finger of the glove pop out the head, and from the ring finger and the thumb the arms. As a result, it seems to Nodo he was speaking to a small, friendly glove.

<<I’m really sorry I didn’t know about the twigs’ snappers, we chairs’ mover are living mostly in the cities. You know, there aren’t many chairs to move here in the forest. So it was you right behind me, before?>>

Asked Nodo.

The twigs’ snapper nodded, moving up and down her small head out of the index finger. Yes, it was her snapping the twigs behind Nodo, before. But what did you possibly expect from a creature called twigs’ snapper? The most natural thing to do for her was to snap a twig or a dry leaf, as for Nodo was to moving chairs.

<<What’s your name?>>

Asked Nodo, again.

The twigs’ snapper looked back at him, frowning the forehead.

<<I’m sorry.>>

Said the small creature after a while.

<<We twigs’ snapper like to know new words. In fact, new words are for us what smells are for you, it’s our food. But we don’t have names for ourselves.>>

Nodo looked up at her, in disbelief.

<<You mean, you don’t have names at all?>>

Asked Nodo after a while, shocked.

The small glove moved from side to side, as to say “no”.

<<We don’t use names. But to tell the truth, we’re not so many here in the forest.>>

Said the twigs’ snapper.

<<And you, you have a name?>>


<<Oh, yes! My name’s Nodo! And if you don’t mind, from now on you’ll be Glovy. Do you like it?>>

The twigs’ snapper smiled from one ear to the other.

<<I love it, I love it!>>

And screaming like that, Glovy started to jump around, snapping all the small twigs she found.

Nodo felts proud of the name he created for that lovely creature. Happy, put the cork under his arm, but doing so attracted the twigs snapper’s attention. She stopped, with an odd expression on her face, and asked;

<<Nodo, why did you bring that cork with you?>>

Nodo blushed again. How could he forget to put that dangerous weapon away? Corks are dangerous weapons! He hid it behind his back, but then he had to explain to Glovy.

<<See, this cork makes you travel, but it can be dangerous sometimes.>>

The twigs’ snapper screamed and stuck her head inside the glove. Nodo tried his best to explain it to her new friend because he didn’t want to lose her.

<<No, don’t get afraid, please. I think it isn’t working correctly. Humans usually shot it with big glass clubs, so I guess only they can make the corks fly.>>

Glovy slowly got her head out of the glove and asked:

<<Do you- do you mean bottles? Yes, I saw the corks flying out of bottles, before.>>

Nodo felt amazed by Glovy and her memory and smiled at her. Glovy, this time took all head out of the glove and smiled at Nodo. She liked that character with that funny nose and those big feet.

<<Nodo, why are you in my forest? Where are you going?>>

Asked Glovy. When Nodo answered back saying he was headed to the Land of chairs’ movers, she burst into a laugh. She was a twigs’ snapper, she knew about everything, it was impossible she never heard about that place. It was just a legend!

<<Ah, ah, ah, Nodo! Doesn’t exist a place like that!>>

Glovy said. And while she was laughing, the glove seemed dancing all around her head and arms. Nodo got angry because he liked that small creature, but he didn’t want her to make fun of him like that. He knew deep inside himself that somewhere there was that Land waiting for him to feel finally home.


It said Nodo.

<<If you don’t want to come with me, I will continue this adventure all by myself.>>

And saying so, he started walking away from the forest. When he was almost at the top of the hill, he felt a twig snapping behind him. He turned and saw Glovy, her eyes looking down.

<<Nodo, I want to tell you that I’m sorry. I’ve never left this forest before and… I’d like to follow you in this adventure.>>

Said the twigs’ snapper.

Nodo, in a moment, forgot all the anger, and he felt happy to have the twigs’ snapper as a travel companion.

<<All right, then. Come with me.>>

Finally, Glovy and Nodo are together!

<<Do you know how to get there?>>

She asked when they started walking together.


Answered Nodo. And then he added:

<<But sooner or later I’m sure we will meet someone who knows the road.>>

The chairs’ movers aren’t big wanderers, but they are optimists by nature and quite tough. Nodo was already familiar with the smells of the forest, thus he started appreciating the strawberries and blueberries scent, the fragrance of mushrooms and strawberry trees. Then, with his belly full of odours, he starts thinking that all would be all right.

<<Maybe I know who will be able to help us.>>

Said Glovy after a while.


Asked Nodo.

<<Yes, the great Magician, Jumpy. The famous keys’ hider. He will help us!>>

Nodo knew the story of Jumpy the Magician. He was such a great wizard, that he was able to hide keys from humans for days, months, or even years. Then, all of a sudden, he would make the keys appear again, in the most unexpected places.

<<And you know where he lives?>>

Asked Nodo, full of hope.

<<Yes, sadly I know. The Magician is in the Cave of the Dragon!>>

A Dragon?

Nodo tried to remember what a dragon was, but the only thing that came to his mind was a big sweet filled with cream and a cherry on top. The chairs’ movers are famous sweet teeth and, as we said before, equipped with limited defective memory.

<<I love dragons!>>

Nodo cried out, with such a broad smile that the big nose almost touched his chin.

<<You-you like dragons?>>

Asked Glovy in disbelief, who knew what a dragon is. No one likes dragons, those monstrous creatures with thick skin and breathing fire.


Answered Nodo.

<<I like dragons, pies, flatbread with raisins, beignet and croissants.>>

Glovy stopped, her mouth wide open.

<<And you don’t fear dragons?>>

Asked again.

<<Absolutely not!>>

Answered back Nodo. If he knew what a dragon was, he wouldn’t be so calm.

<<Wow! You’re the bravest creature I’ve ever met!>>

Exclaimed Glovy.

Nodo didn’t get why he was so brave for liking a big sweet filled with cream, but he behaved like a human. When humans receive a compliment, they’re suddenly both deaf and blind.

<<So, we want to go?>>

Asked the twigs’ snapper, happily.

<<Sure, let’s go!>>

Answered Nodo.

And that small company of naughty little creatures was again on their way to the cave where Jumpy the Magician was protected by an enormous dragon. But Nodo was calm, thinking the dragon was just a creamy dessert.

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