Who’s Glovy?

The twigs’ snapper

In the forest

Meet Glovy

After only a few days of traveling, Nodo started to feel down. He had never left the city before, and he wasn’t entirely sure about eating any of the strange smells he found around him.

Imagine his fear of smelling an unknown flower and being poisoned! It wasn’t like in the market at all. He felt worse and worse every step he took and eventually decided to sit down on a round grey rock. If you would have seen him at that moment, all sad, still and pale… you’d probably think that it was just a small grey rock himself.

Only then, behind him, he heard a noise.


He turned, but apart from the peaceful forest and the soft wind gently moving the leaves in the trees, there was no one in sight. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be a human being. Humans have such a strong smell, Nodo could sense them from miles away.

“Who’s- who’s there?”

Asked Nodo, a little bit frightened. Again, behind him, “Tac.”

Instinctively, he frantically searched for the cork in his backpack and began to swing it like a sword. As amusing as this may sound, try to remember that the chairs’ movers are incredibly peaceful people and have no knowledge whatsoever of weaponry. In fact, all he wanted to do with the cork was to use it to fly away. Once he saw a cork flying out of a bottle and he planned to do the same. He didn’t know that corks, especially without a bottle, cannot fly at all.

“Tac.” Again, another snapped twig.

Just when Nodo started to panic, thinking that he brought a defective cork with him, a voice spoke from behind him.

“You’re a chairs’ mover, aren’t you?”

Slowly, he managed to turn, only to face a creature half of his size.

“Yes-yes, I’m a chairs’ mover. But who are you?” Answered a blushing Nodo to the small creature. “What? You don’t recognise me?” Said the odd being. “I’m a twigs’ snapper!” She answered, seeming a bit offended not to be recognised.

Is she Glovy?

“Wow!” exclaimed Nodo in disbelief. Nodo thought twigs’ snappers were fabricated stories invented by humans, such as gnomes, fairies and all other forest spirits. They couldn’t be as real as a chairs’ mover!

Nodo couldn’t ignore the friendly stare of the twigs’ snapper in front of him. She was standing all smiley and dressed only with a torn old cycling glove. From the glove’s index finger popped out her head and from the ring finger and the thumb, her arms. As a result, it seemed to Nodo that he was speaking to a small friendly glove.

“I’m really sorry I didn’t know about the twigs’ snappers. We chairs’ movers are living mostly in the cities. As you can imagine, there aren’t many chairs to move here in the forest. So it was you right behind me, before?” Asked Nodo.

The twigs’ snapper nodded, moving her small head up and down out of the index finger. Indeed, it was her snapping the twigs behind Nodo before, but what could you possibly expect from a creature called a twigs’ snapper? The most natural thing for her to do is to snap a twig or a dry leaf; just as for Nodo the most natural thing to do was to move chairs.

“What’s your name?” Asked Nodo, again. The twigs’ snapper looked back at him, frowning her forehead. “I’m sorry,” said the small creature after a while. “We twigs’ snappers do like learning new words. In fact, new words are for us what smells are for you; they’re our food. But we don’t have names for ourselves.” Nodo looked up at her in disbelief. “You mean, you don’t have names at all?” He was shocked. She moved the small glove from side to side, as if to say ‘no’. “We don’t use names and to tell the truth, we’re not so many here in the forest,” said the twigs’ snapper. “And you, do you have a name?”

“Oh, yes! My name’s Nodo! And if you don’t mind, from now on you’ll be Glovy. Do you like it?”

The twigs’ snapper smiled from one ear to the other.

“I love it, I love it!” She started screaming “Glovy!”, jumping around and snapping all the small twigs she found.


Glovy in a cup, the best way to start a day.
Glovy, a twigs snapper, in my cappuccino.

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The character in the picture is Glovy, created by Daniele Frau and designed by Gabriele Manca DMQ Productions, who reserves all rights on reproductions.

All rights of the story “Nodo the chairs’ mover” and its translation in Italian are reserved by Daniele Frau.

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