The Independence day

What an Independence day!

Beautiful girls in underwear dance in the street. It’s Independence Day!

In the end

Independence day gives all the time the families need for chatting in front of their TVs. In fact, everything continues as always. All the media, knowing how important they are in forming a public opinion without opinions, decide to send news like these:

“The Alien Rain continues. The Government decided on new special laws to prevent the situation from escalating.”

“Husband killed his wife in the suburbs, then cut her in pieces and scattered them all around the city. ‘I thought she was an alien’, he stated.

The Member of the Parliament, Svanzoni, was forced to resign after his minority motion was rejected.

“I just asked them to let these people decide about their own fate. I thought it was right to give them one chance to save themselves.”, he said in his last interview.

The People’s Head decided to answer back immediately:

“I cannot fully understand how frustrated the Member and ex-Minister of Infrastructures and Quiet Living can feel. We must consider the significant impact this recreational hunting has on the population. The people of this great country are already suffering enough from the curfew; giving them some fun on Independence day is the minimum we can do. Following the rules, as always. We’re always on the Law’s side. This is one of the reasons why I asked for the full authority because I’m the only one who knows what people really want.”

“It will be legal to kill aliens around the streets starting today during the Independence day. Whoever will kill out of the time and days recommended, they would be charged with fines, accordingly. Later, a short guide on how to recognise an alien.”

The people on Independence day

Before having fun outside shooting aliens, people are discussing the new laws about Independence day in the pubs and at home. As in the old fashioned game of the telephone, the news bounces from one to the other, changing slightly.

Sure about winning in the next elections, the Head of the People seats relaxed on his black armchair. In front of him, on top of his desk, stays the half-length statue of a tyrant that died decades ago.

There’s a reason why he let his own cat decide about the aliens. Interestingly, it’s the same reason he’s not outside having fun shooting aliens like all the others. On his lap lays everything he ever cared about, the meaning of his life. A tiny human being, a new note in the obscene music of the world.


She’s the only creature he knows he can speak to, the only one able to truly understand who he really is. Mainly just drooling happily with her little mouth. Sometimes she snores, but in that funny, cute way, only babies seem to have. And she smiles. It is a tiny toothless smile but able to mirror other smiles around.

Not evil

How could the Head ever explain all these good feelings to the stupid voters and the Parliament members? He would help elderly women crossing the street if it was up to him. This is the kind of person he is. An idiot, but deep inside, not an evil idiot. Simply, he has found too much power in his hands that he can handle.

Obviously, when you have such great power, you have to decide. You need to give answers and those answers have to be clear and confident. The Head doesn’t mind; he knows the rules and plays well. Where are his enemies right now? They’re probably too busy dying under a few meters of soil and concrete. That’s what they’re doing on this Independence Day!

Independence day, graphic by Daniele Frau, Go Back to the future.
Independence day.

“Pling, plong?”

Suddenly, the door calls for attention. Today is Independence day. What do they want? He has servants for that. They will go and see who’s at the door.

“Pling- plong!”

This time the doorbell seems to be in a hurry, demanding to be answered. Oh, how silly! Today he conceded the servants three hours of free time, so they could celebrate with their families. On the streets, there’s the aliens’ hunt.

He keeps forgetting how generous he is.

“Pling- Plong?! Pling- Plong!?”

“Who dares!”

The People’s Head snaps. If they keep ringing the bell like this, they’ll wake up the small Victoria. How uncivilised, during Independence day! He stands up from the black armchair and lays the sleeping baby down in the cradle. The cradle, rose and white, starts its swinging movement. The “V” drawn on top seems to be the legs of a broken watch.

“Pling- plong!”

All of a sudden, the Head forgets his romantic side.

“Pling- Plong!”

“My word, I will kill them!”

He thinks while descending the stairs.

“Pling- Plong!”

“Oh, I will dismember them!”

He thinks again while finally reaching the door with a foaming mouth. Here, he turns the handle with fury.

“For Adolf’s sake, who’s there?”

And in front of him:

“Who… who are you?”

The figure of an old woman, dirty and dressed in rags, stays speechless in front of him. She seems to be a hundred years old, covered with dirt and clotted blood. She doesn’t seem to be hurt, not physically anyway. She’s got big eyes, which seem even bigger because of her skinny appearance. She’s looking at him as if he was a vision, a dream.

“You…You are an alien, aren’t you?”

Such a big boy scared by this frightened tiny skinny human being.

The skeleton

The old woman wants to speak, but all the words she prepared before seem to be stuck, blocked as her breath due to a broken rib. She knew she must be strong to confront that man, the so-called People’s Head. They’ve chosen her to be there at that moment. She passed all sorts of pain to be there, right in front of this man. To tell him that…


One shot and the Champ closes the eyes, the ears ringing. The woman’s head transformed into a cloud of red corianders in a single moment. The eyes full of fear disappear, the face cancelled by the shot. Abruptly, she’s transformed into a lifeless skeleton, with a spot of blood where before there was a head. A stain, a spot as any other, that the servants will clean in a few hours.

“Head, are you all right?”

This was The independence day, continue to read how ends Go back to the future, written by Daniele Frau and illustrated by Gabriele Manca, Dmq Productions. All the rights for the story and the illustrations are kept by the respective owners.

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The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.
The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.

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