The Head and the Parliament

What the Head would say?

“We shouldn’t have to check the news, first?”

“Check, you said? Which news do you want to check?”

“Come on, did you really believe that story about the explosion…”


The two members of the Parliament seemed like two scared crows. They hide behind a statue, a bulky character with an amphora in his hands.

“How often do I have to remind you not to speak about these things here? Even the statues can listen here.”

“Yes, but…”

“No, no, no but. We don’t speak about it here. That’s the end of the story.”

The other member looked unconvinced by the answer and gave him a stern glance.

“Please, tell me that I’m not getting mad. We seemed so close to finally moving on, and then…”

“That man is like a Fenix; never think he’s finished. Did you notice how many people there were yesterday to listen to his speech?”

The other member nodded gravely. They raised him together to the power; they helped him be the Head, but they never imagined that that imbecile would outsmart them.

“So, are you telling me I’m not getting mad, right? There’s something else behind that explosion.”

The other member of the Parliament first nodded, then, with a disgusted look, finally spat it out.

“I don’t think it happened all by chance. That taxi had been checked not long before the explosion; I saw the receipt with my own eyes.”

Before the second member could answer this shocking news, a sound startled them. A shadow started toward the Parliament’s waiting room, followed by heavy steps. Before the voice, they recognised his distinctive smell of roast beef and wine.

“Oh, you too are here!”

Said the Head, smiling amiably. He was dressed in a skin-coloured outfit, so to the members of the Parliament, he seemed to be naked.

“Yes- yes, of course. We were talking about your speech.”

The Head smiled at them once again and gave a pat on the back of the oldest of the two.

“I know I can trust you, guys. We need to stop this situation; otherwise, God knows what they will do.”
The voice was easy-going as always, as he was saying an old joke in a bar. Then, he said goodbye and went up the stairs to the Main Hall of Parliament.

“Goodmorning, everyone!”

Said the Head joining the hall as he was at home.

Th Head enters in the Parliament to have a speech, graphic by Daniele Frau.
The Head enters in the Parliament.

If you saw him right there, you’d never imagined he was the same guy who built walls and enclosed thousands of people inside reception centres before throwing the keys away. Everyone came around him to shake his hand, kiss him, or ask him about a job for a cousin or friend. He always found a moment to answer them, spoke slowly, and promised that everything would be solved.

The Head’s smile was a copyrighted marketing strategy and at the beginning, his easy-going look and curvy appearance were greatly mistaken. One handshake per time led the idiot where no one would have ever imagined to see him. Power wears out those who don’t have it and soon, the opposition was nothing more than an angry, rabid pack of dogs in a fence.

Those soft and smooth hands, smiles, and a soul always ready for a joke were precisely what people waited for. Enough politicians discuss everything and convince them that what they’re doing is the right choice based on some complex numbers. No, people needed a man like him with an always-unkempt beard. Even now that his consensus was minimal, he knew how to come back in power like a real Prince.

His most popular reforms were the restoration of torture practices, the walls that surrounded the whole country, the death penalty for non-residents and last but not least, his penitentiary reform. Someone attacked him, telling him that that was cannibalism, plain and simple.

He explained how sometimes a decision can be challenging to understand, but what was undeniable was the considerable savings for the community. It was low-cost meat grown in the best prisons in the country.

Such a ruthless man couldn’t miss the chance to point his finger at a new enemy, the so-called aliens.

This is the end of The Head and the Parliament, continue to read the rest of Go back to the future, written by Daniele Frau and illustrated by Gabriele Manca, Dmq Productions. All the rights for the story and the illustrations are kept by the respective owners.

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The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.
The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.

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