Kill the aliens!

The aliens matter

“Gentlemen and ladies.”

Started the Head. The whole Parliament got quiet at once, for curiosity more than out of simple fear or respect for him. You could listen only to the purring of the Head’s cat.

“We are here reunited today to speak about the aliens’ matter.”

After a few seconds, he watched around and kept going.

“Someone said it has been an accident, an awful chain of events. The facts are that who was there wasn’t supposed to. Who let that an alien could drive a car? Who saved him from his destiny?”

“As you know, we are very hospitable people, but we cannot and we won’t accept this kind of alien.”

“Someone did it, and now we’re paying the consequences.”

The Head looked around to be sure his words settled on top of the Parliament’s benches and in the ears of the audience.

“It was an isolated case? Maybe. Do we want it to remain an isolated case? That’s the question I want to ask you, gentlemen and ladies of this Parliament.”

As if he was a magician, he took out a small yellow envelope and slowly started opening it. Then, he continued:

“What lays in my hands is a detailed report produced by our best calculation of probabilities experts. Taken the number of survived aliens and their hostile behaviors, this is what we would expect if we don’t act in the following days or even hours. We’re speaking about more than 2000 casualties and the number of injured people would be up to three-time higher. If you’re not convinced, please watch this graphic concerning the impact of an alien explosion in a city center during rush hours. And this is…”

Aliens, graphic by Daniele Frau for the story Go back to the future.
Aliens, graphic by Daniele Frau.

Continued the Head showing another picture to the member of the Parliament.

“This is the gruesome re-enactment of the explosion inside a kindergarten. Who dare put in danger one of their children?”

After a few quiet seconds, a worried murmuring began.


Continued then the Head, showing his yellow teeth in a grin.

“We are on the edge of one of the worst crises our beautiful nation has had to face so far. We’ve discovered all the landing points and found and arrested all the outlaws helping them. They will end up in jail, forced to eat one another like the enemies of the state they are.”

The Head’s hollowed eyes moved fast from one member of the Parliament to another. With his eyes so happy and lively, he seemed amused by the whole situation. It was just a game and he was the master who wrote the rules.

“And what about the explosions? How do we know that the aliens still free won’t rebel and start attacking us?”

It was the voice of a member of the opposition. The question didn’t seem to bother the Head.

“We will open the hunt. It’s the only solution.”

Open the alien hunt, graphic by Daniele Frau for the story Go back to the future.
Open the alien hunt, graphic by Daniele Frau.

He answered, gelid. Everyone understood what it meant and even on the opposition benches, someone heard screaming the voice of their conscience.

“Yes, I vote to open the hunt against the aliens and we will do it tomorrow, Independence Day! Sadly, I won’t be there to vote, so you’ll have to do it yourselves.”

Typical of him, never making his hands dirty. If anything will go wrong, he will say that he didn’t really choose, it was the Parliament.

He concluded his speech and the session got adjourned, waiting for the next day, Independence Day. It looked more like a big voluntary isolation day now that all the walls got completed.

The holiday against “the powerful countries that invade and command us” and “immigrants and usurpers” was a holiday that reunited the whole country. Now, the holiday got a new sense eventually: the fight against the alien invaders.

The Head left the room and returned home, waiting to see the newborn, the light of his eyes, his granddaughter, Victoria.

This is the end of Kill the aliens!, continue to read the rest of Go back to the future, written by Daniele Frau and illustrated by Gabriele Manca, Dmq Productions. All the rights for the story and the illustrations are kept by the respective owners.

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The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.
The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.

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