A woman in blue

Such a nice pair of blue shoes!

Suddenly, a woman dressed in blue appears. S. is walking out of the room, followed by applause.
She wears such a great pair of blue shoes!
Answers back S., a bit startled.
<<It seems that you gave an excellent lecture back there. I’ve never heard the sales class applauding anyone like that, before.>>
<<Thanks, even though I think they’re doing it because the lesson finally ended. And you are…>>

Your woman in blue_Souls alive_First Chapter
The woman in blue.

<<Call me N., simply N. I know who you are, I’m not here by accident.>>

The scenario seems to be promising as she continues.

<<I know that’s usually not the way it’s supposed to be, but… well, I always see you leaving so fast… You must think I’m crazy right now.>>

<<Crazy? Why would I think such a thing?>>

The dealers of souls aren’t so talkative as you’d probably expect. They speak about work, either they are teaching a lesson or they’re squeezed in a noisy pub.

As you can guess, they don’t have many topics to talk about, apart from figures and numbers enclosed in their precious files.

<<Crazy to ask you: would you like to come to the cinema with me, sometime?>>

The voice turns out to be firm, secure, but she tightens her lips immediately after. She seems somehow to ask for her words to come back in, together with some air and her dignity.

<<S-sure, I’d be honored Ms. N. We can arrange for tomorrow, at 8 p.m. here in front of the vending machine, perhaps?>>

S. points at the vending machine behind her.

<<I- I think it’s a perfect plan. Now I will go to work, before in a single day I will be late and I will feel a perfect idiot.>>


Says S., but the phrase passes over the shoulders of the woman in blue. That goodbye follows that pretty blue shoes while they’re running fast down the stairs.

What a strange thing life is, and what a peculiar contraptions these humans!

If you’re curious about what will happen next and want to enter in a cinema, continue to read.

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This story has been published once per week from October 2018 to October 2019, with all rights reserved for the story and its translations by Flyingstories and in the person of Daniele Frau.

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