The cinema, the advertisement

The cinema

The cinema, the advertisement

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All movie theatres are the same, having the same dimensions and with the same screen with the same size. In the cinema the movies change, but keeping the same plots. Take the actors, they seem to be picked up randomly with claw machines. You can distinguish them by their tallness, their weight or their age. finally, in a world accustomed to sell even souls, which emotions you could possibly give with a movie? They are corners in a wall, small holes behind a shelf, if not just imagines of shadows of emotions. To be honest, here the patience level is the lowest ever. So why spend the time watching a movie, when it’s easier to watch advertisement?

Advertisement, cinema

How would you know where to go or start a new idea, without advertisement? How do you choose your clothes, for instance? Which shoes are the good ones, which hat or furnishings or internal tampons would you pick up? Definitely the topic here is not the used and abused idea of free will, nor is the castration of imagination and other dystopian foolishness. That is the pulp of which books’ pages are made, but right now we’re speaking about reality. By and large reality works better if a bit sweeten, colourful and cheerful. How much easier is the decision of having a child or get abortion, if an advertisement advise us everything it can be done in a minute with a simple pill? Nothing wrong about that in general, It’s just an example. If you are one of those always trying to see something behind (a political message maybe?) I say no, there’s not such a thing. There is nothing behind and that’s the real Revelation. Beyond shadow of doubt, after all this years of conjectures, we finally know the truth behind this endless advertisement. Nothing hides behind.


All things considered, it would be better for this coloured mass to recognise clearly their enemy in a shiny mirror. In that case giving a lesson to themselves would have implied a reflexion, if only a physical one, and it would have been useful in a world as this one, made of mirrors coloured in white and black. Hence the characters, as in a mute movie without any script, wander and run into each other saying sorry to their knees. Yet they recycle the waste and at the same time they do the same with ideas. All of a sudden innovation started to be wicked, as uranium and straws in the oceans. Among all those people working restless and enjoying their success is quite difficult find a sense, a natural logic. Apparently is just the natural incarnation of mediocrity. The speed of the modernity climb over the hunched shoulders of the past, as per a Moore’s law applied to all and that all transforms. Nothing goes in the direction of happiness, but in a path way more measurable. Success, yes or no question and advertisement are all that matters.     

Inside the cinema

The cinema
The cinema

Inside a cinema theatre this mute scene so similar to outside life is repeated in a loop. Movies start with one hour delay to let people enjoy advertisement and  then after ten minutes commercials start again for another hour, before ten minutes of last touching endings. The plot and the advertisement are not completely noticeable, melting one into the other and letting people happily eating their packaged food with 3D images ready to surprise without thrilling them. Opposites attract, they say, but never as mediocre people do. Mediocre people are as sponges bouncing on the floor, floating on the top of the waves of a lake. Sometimes they run into each other producing some small variation on the surface around them.


In the long run this is the real success of modernity, such a flat happiness impossible to compare to anything before. Happiness for everyone, doesn’t matter if you’re more for sea or mountain holidays, you’ll love that. Don’t take it as a judgement of any kind, I’m the same pair of shoes and I speak more for what I listened than for what I have actually experienced in this world. I have also the sensation that people are really happy in this world, more than ever. There’s no Matrix, nor definition of masses control. The masses are jellyfishes which move following the vibrations of history. And they’re happy in this jolly floating without questions and answers. Under this circumstances what philosophy could possibly mean, submerged by a ritual of people eager to meet without actually join each other. Only the comparison with nothingness would be able to create the idea of impossibility, here. Technology and impressiveness rise to the high class of sublime, unequaled. Waiting just one day the next sublime, the new incomparable floating.  

The lesson is over

To summarize, all this words in order to describe a cinema theatre and some advertisements, I hope you can forgive me. As you know, we shoes can become suddenly verbose, loosing ourselves in human nature and finding us always at the start point, as in a board game. In conclusion, we ask ourselves if we have ever been moving. S. has concluded his lesson one minute ago, now is ready to go home. A woman in blue approaches him. He saw her before, behind some desk somewhere in some management floor. They seem to be quite comfortable with each other, finding themselves at ease with their vague gaze and general questions. There’s no space for big silences and this is a remarkable fact by itself. She loves small moustaches, he likes blue. It seems enough to schedule another meeting, maybe for a movie. A colleague blink elegantly towards S. as to fully appreciate the prey. S. as always doesn’t like to follow this archaic chauvinism, so with his XIX Century nonchalance decide to accept the invitation and disappear in the stairs, searching for a document for the meeting due next day. The woman in blue takes the same stairs but in the opposite directions, with a small smile cracking the eyes with small wrinkles and some other eyes from XXI Century following her. Less elegant than the one from XIX but way more concrete.

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