Vinoè- Discover what wine is

What wine is

Take a bottle of wine and weigh it in your hand. Now close your eyes and forget about the label, the pompous name of some ancient family that creates it long ago. Numbers, they’re made to allure us, like the corks, the letters which make a bottle more attractive on a shelf.

With kid’s eyes

A glass of wine in the dark. Vinoè, foto realizzata dal fotografo Massimiliano Frau.
Picture by Massimiliano Frau.

Try to see the wine with kid’s eyes. A child recognises it simply because it’s got a strange color-that dark purple- happy blood. Think about the taste of wine- of any wine for that matter- on your tongue. Imagine it sliding down your throat.

When was it the first time you felt you were adult enough to try wine? In the beginning, it probably felt like stealing a kiss from an older expert cousin, but then it wasn’t enough. You came back, curious more than ever.

Why not beer, instead?

You saw many people turning their heads for the blonde, sparkling, bubbly beer, and you did the same- just for a while. You enjoyed that foamy white mustache that made you feel special- a cappuccino for adults. Then, something about that happy blood you met as a child called you back, that familiar smell.

Wine is an encyclopedia about humanity, which speaks to all our senses at once.

Imagine now to open that bottle, which is still in your hand. Don’t open the eyes, but try figure yourself pouring it inside a long and wide glass. Yes, that’s a fat glass, which let us dream when we were children. A magnifying glass to see humankind’s entire history into that blood—a mix of dense and inviting smells that makes everyone laugh.

Keep your eyes closed

However, with your eyes closed, the sound of water and wine isn’t that different. You wouldn’t notice, if inside the cup there were simply water. That sound, the wine escaping from the bottle to meet the walls of the glass, that’s the sound of far away rains.

From the clouds

Yes, wine is coming from the clouds, one of many water’s sons coming from the sky and speaking back to us. It can be a relief, or it can keep us up the whole night in a panic. The sky impatient to meet the ground, roaring in its pure energy and lighting. That water, that rain, those clouds, is what you hear when you pour a glass of wine.

A writer and a sommelier

With Vinoè, we decided to write stories to make you feel the same sensations as when you didn’t know anything about wine. An urge to discover through stories. The fantasy of a storyteller, Daniele Frau mixed with the knowledge of a third-level sommelier, Davide Masili, in order to give a new, different look to this wonderful world.

Articles, pictures, videos, graphics in English and Italian will guide you behind the scene of wine’s world. To discover once more that, on top of your table, there isn’t just a drink, but something way more sophisticated.

Now open your eyes. It’s time to follow us in our journey. A stream of water will change into the veins of humanity, happy wrinkles, perfumes and culture. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

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Bordeaux, Castelomoron d'Albret, the new story by Daniele Frau for Vinoè.
Bordeaux, Castelomoron d’Albret, by Daniele Frau.

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