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The body, the soul

About body and soul

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Such an healthy man

How could you possibly expect from an healthy, powerful, strong man to die without showing any sign of it? Time decides to stop in an human existence, and doing so chooses smoothly every small details, never explaining them to mortals- or immortals. A soul is an immortal being, out of time. If it’s going to disappear in a certain time and place is just to be ready to reappear in another one.

S. is a professor in Sales

Sales lessons

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Sales lesson

What are sales- first lesson

“Selling is an instrument of the dealer, to supply a demand using his skills and experience as a resource.  Not only just selling, then, but giving our expertise. You’re not simple merchants, but Knights of the Round table, messengers of the brand- new.

S. give up with his soul

The store of souls

Dancing in the present time

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So what happen when a soul start dancing in the Present? Most of the time it gets more and more grey, it loses value and attention from possible buyer. People with these souls are