The soul decides to speak

I am the soul

The soul's speech_souls alive_First chapter_by Daniele Frau_Illustrations by Gabriele Manca.
The soul’s speech_Souls alive.

“That’s me, the soul. I didn’t really have the faculty to speak, sealed inside this clumsy actor’s corpse. I am what I simply am, a soul.

I don’t commit sin or smile at anyone. I don’t turn on an engine or press a piano pedal. I’m the soul and, above all, an actor’s soul. Today, everyone reveres his inspiration and force; you must see yourself.

So occupied with trying to seem contrite, but you all thinking only about my essence. Yes, I’m an original soul, which is why I chose an artist. Other original souls sometimes got trapped inside the soft bodies of bureaucrats, business managers, or even the top f the system, the Governors.

The latter in particular know so much about life that they can decide about your lives as well. They have a primitive, simple idea about each of you, divided between who’s beneficial to the cause or not, either enemies or accomplices.

Happened to everyone waking up one day with the odd feeling of being the enemy or, worse, an accomplice of what you considered the enemy the day before. Therefore we’re always ready to close one or two eyes just to be part of a party.

To feel over our naked skin the sensation of being mixed with something greater. A classic example is the mix of coffee and milk. The coffee, a plant with the only dream of growing up tanning under the sun and the milk, which wants to be a drink for two trembling lips, just born in the world.

Consequently, an artist’s soul could be a weapon to convince and succeed. An actor’s discourse can let you cry, laugh, think, and forget your world completely. Oh yes, it’s capable of dropping on your panting forehead as a torture drop.

I am the soul.

I couldn’t express myself before without giving spirit to this giant of thousands of qualities I fell in love with. Yes, don’t be surprised; a soul can feel love.

I’m not a mere coloured pencil you use just to print your thoughts. I’m the inside, the fabric and what is under your hat is also me. I react as a chemical or as people pouring out in the street in search of food, shouting:


As roots searching for water. 

Goodbye, I will finally be a whole with the body I always loved. Although he will be eaten by flies one day, he will let you laugh, again and again, blowing with its proboscis and vibrating in the air. Adieu!”

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All the graphics are handmade and designed with different techniques by Gabriele Manca, DMQ productions, who reserves all rights.

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The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.
The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.

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