The soul’s speech

L'anima parla

The soul’s speech

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I’m the soul

Invisible but always there

I am what I am. Put simply, a soul. I never had the faculty to speak, sealed inside this clumsy actor, now a corpse. I’ve never committed a sin or smiled at anyone, I’ve never turned on an engine or pressed piano pedals. I’m a soul and above all, I’m an actor’s soul. Today, everyone reveres his legacy. He was an inspiring creative force; bringing tight smiles soaked with happy dewdrops to fields ploughed by plastic surgeons. You should see yourselves. So occupied with trying to seem contrite, but really you’re just thinking about my essence, eyes void of any expression. Eyes… these eyes were capable of filling audiences with laughter and amazement and causing small, happy teardrops to fall.

An original soul

L'anima parla

The soul speaks

I’m an original soul and that’s why living inside an artist, following him under the stage lights and behind thick red curtains was a clever choice. Other souls suited to artists sometimes get trapped inside the soft bodies of bureaucrats, business managers or even find themselves at the top, inside a Governor. The latter in particular has enough power to decide whether you live or die, if you are useful to the cause, if you’re an enemy or an ally.

The Governors

A Governor is almost a director of reality. At the push of a button he can order the building of a wall or the destruction of one, as though it were a pile of leaves on a lawn. Should the topic of art be raised-  a Governor will look at you with disbelief, but remember he’s not able to laugh or cry without it. Plenty of these characters populate the world, describing artists as mere shadows trying hard to jump the rail of light to project themselves. To divert attention from that fire which overflows, blazes even if extinguished. If you are wondering if there are stages big enough for all of them, I must admit ignorance. Try to answer this dilemma yourself. You and your interior voices, also known as souls.

Enemies or accomplice

It’s happened to everyone at least once. You wake up one day with the odd feeling that you might be the enemy, or worse, an accomplice to what you considered to be the enemy the day before. We’re always ready to close one or even two eyes just to feel included, or a part of something. To feel the sensation of being associated with something greater poured over our naked skin. A classic example: the mix of coffee and milk. The coffee, a small plant with a simple dream of growing up, and the milk, craving to nourish a small animal. They mix, deaf to the desperate exclamations of thirsty young mammals and blind to the gaps left in the foliage.

Soul and body

Consequently, an artist’s soul could be a weapon to convince and manipulate unsuspecting victims. An actor’s discourse can make you cry, laugh, think or completely forget your world. Now, it is causing only the horrific fall of a drop from your perspiring forehead. I am the soul. I couldn’t express myself before, aside from giving a spirit to this giant of a thousands qualities that I fell in love with. Don’t be surprised, a soul can feel love. I’m not a pencil you use to capture and colour your thoughts. I’m the inside, I’m the fabric, I’m what is under your hat. I react, as a chemical, as people pouring out into the streets in search of food, as roots searching for water. Goodbye, I will finally be whole with the body I always loved. Although one day he will be eaten by flies, he will let you laugh again and again, blowing and vibrating in the air. Adieu!

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