Be assured, it’s our reality

Which reality?

We have so many different ways to slip from reality. One is a dream; another one is having some sort of adventure. And even in our imagine-slaved society, words are still one of the most fundamental ways to escape reality. Let’s think a second: what if we couldn’t be able to describe the world around us. Easy, uh? Yes, but yet not enough. The most profound thoughts, the adventure, the dreams need words to be accounted for. So words have the force to keep people together, as well as split them apart. As the Bible said:

The sword kill many people, 
but the pen kills more than a sword.

The purpose

Which reality we are in?
Which reality we are in?

Clearly, we’re not here to cut anyone to death with a pen (even if metaphorically speaking), but still, we are here to use all the languages we know to express ourselves. The idea of creating this website comes from the assumption that, going around every day in different parts of the world, we must have some point of view to express. And here we are, ready to show our reality, use our words to cut time and space, and make everyone willing to be present with us.

Many ways

Words can fly, as we know well. They can dance in the air or be part of a video, or maybe framed in a picture. They can be hidden between lines, as a part of a description for which there are not enough words. So you have so many different categories you can choose from, every one of them different and so similar at the same time.

Reality or realities?

When we first started, we had in mind to write for adults. That was the case with Souls alive and later with Go back to the future. As you probably know, Souls alive became a book, in 2019. The first Flyingstories book! But 2020 reserved to us many surprises. Amongst the bad surprises of this year, there were some good ones.

How to imagine reality for kids

Writing for kids is not easy. They see the reality, they look at the world in a completely different way than an adult. And we were children, once! What happened to us?

To imagine kids’ reality, you need to understand that everything is possible, from an edible moon to men and women made of chocolate. The most extravagant idea can be a success if presented to a child. Where adults would say that’s impossible, kids would laugh and stare, waiting for more stories to come.

With this in mind, we created Nodo, the chairs’ mover, a way to help children go over their fear of unknown sounds. A form of making those little creatures laugh.