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Now that I’m falling from the clouds, only now I fully understand the essence of the air. It’s not just a shape, is a shape of life, alive. When it wants to, it can be the wind that flows and escape from your open hands outside a car window.


It finds its space under the door, in the houses, or a current of wind in the den when the trains live. When it’s cold, it lets people get closer and closer, in loving hugs, while when it’s hot, it makes the humans wet and distant, if not already in love.


The air can be gentle, but only if it chooses to be gentle. Otherwise, sometimes it stumbles, bewildered, on top some mountain and then down rumbles and rumbles, mixing up since it becomes a cone of destruction.
I can feel it, right now, the cold cutting my face, moving my ears.

Under me, I can see a land, light in color and inked with blood. A lot of it, to be accurate. Bodies over bodies, a stack of eyes- hands- hairs- legs. Over me, I know there are other flies-men ready to follow me in this deadly hug.


Their shadows are small points that mix one into the other down on the cleaning, projected by the light of an unaware sun. I feel now the air getting warmer, the earth closer.

La caduta_gli alieni
La caduta, gli alieni.

I would do it the same, if I’d know is a trap?

Yes, I think so.

I’m closer, now, I can see a writing:

Go Back to the future.

Too late, I think while I’m dissolving.


Villa Clichy

<<Welcome to Villa Clichy, I’m Vanessa and I’m here today to guide you around. I will be your reference point during your stay here in this beautiful Villa. Let’s start with a brief historical overview. Please, follow me. The wing of the house in which we’re walking right now is quite old. Recently a family member of our Head- of- the- State resided here. Even in the past, they said a French king famous for his furniture decided to spend some time here. Probably he even played on this unique pool table and had some rest in these comfortable plastic seats. Who knows?>>


<<Yes, dear?>>

<<You can see the aliens everyone is speaking about, from here?>>


<<No, madame, let him speak, please. Children are curious and the media are talking about this topic every single day. Right, let’s move forward, let’s stay on the current events. Yes, dear Arthur, you can see them falling if you look right now from the windows. If I have to be completely sincere with you, they’re a genuine attraction right now. We’re fully booked the whole year. In the beginning, they were saying to have a wish when you see an alien dropping, but now I run out of desires if you forgive my saying.>>

<<Ah, Ah, that’s a good one. Thanks Vanessa. Arthur, what do you say?>>

<<Than you, miss.>>

<<Oh, you’re such an educated little angel. Thank you for your question, Arthur.>>

<<Sorry, Vanessa. I don’t want to take advantage of your kindness, but since we’ve discussed the topic…>>

<<Tell me, Mr. Capra.>>

<<On the agency flyer we read about an hunting post.>>

<<Yes, that’s true, Mr. Capra. You will find a station for hunters just a mile away from the Villa. There you’ll find a colleague ready to give you all the instructions and an alien-hunting kit. If you’ve never shot any aliens before, let me give you some advice. Start shooting the big ones, so you will practice a bit. Later on, you’ll be able to shoot smaller aliens.>>

<<I’m so sorry, Vanessa, but I have to ask. Even though it will sound stupid, but… they will suffer?>>

<<Well, no Mrs. Capra. Your husband and the others will be placed far away from the fall, there’s no danger.>>

<<Oh, sure it will be. My question was about the aliens. Do you think they will suffer, Vanessa?>>

<<Ah, ah! This question does only give you credit, madam. Look, I’m not a doctor and I’ve never studied medicine in my life. Still, I understood that scientific proof attested to the complete lack of human feelings on the aliens.>>

<<Oh, thanks. You have no idea how this makes me feel more relieved. You know, I’m a strong believer.>>

<<Me too, madam, me too. I’m a huge devout, as our People’s Champ.>>

<<And what about the stack? Do you think the smell will reach the Villa?>>

<<Oh, that’s another good question, Mrs. Capra. I cannot hide from you that you could feel a bit of the stink when the Villa is upwind. Don’t worry, though. The Government started a collection program for the aliens and the house has an automatic deodorizer system. You won’t smell anything, I promise. Now you must excuse me, but I have to go, my children come out of school soon.>>

<<Yes, of course, Vanessa. We can contact you any time?>>

<<Any time, there’s no small problem for me. Oh, and… good hunting!>>

<<Ah, ah! Have a good day, Vanessa!>>


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The story is written by Daniele Frau and he has all the rights over its reproductions. Read more about that here.

The illustrations are original and made by Gabriele Manca (DMQ productions) which has all the rights over them.

You can read the story in Italian as well, have a look!

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