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A world of souls

The First Chapter starts with a description of the world of souls. The most exciting places for you will probably be restaurants and cinemas.


The restaurants are places in which I accidentally spend most of my time. Here I can observe many different kinds of people. Many of them are so self-focused that they don’t even notice me.

See, they are part of a specific clique that stays together thanks to electrical impulses from all over the world, cannibalizing their attention. They await the rain at the edge of the desert, and they don’t notice they’re on top of an oasis.

Roads or rivers?

The roads are the new rivers. They have been built on top of rivers, full of mud, sand, and cars, of course. To remind the people of the once-existing Nature, loudspeakers emit sounds long forgotten.

They are sounds of the forest, of animals such as elephants and lions. Streets start being just a grotesque metaphor for what humans can achieve. Progress is another way we find out that allows us to forget where we’re coming from. And where are humans?

They are hidden inside their cars somewhere, intent on drinking coffee from big paper cups.

What are souls?

Souls are the link between everything and everyone. In this First Chapter, they seem only a silent particle of the world of humans. Soon, they will start to scream and play a significant role in the story.

Souls will soon become drums, passing information from one village to another, creating a plot that grows page after page, like layers of clouds in a clear sky.

This information will lead us to the solitary life of a dealer of souls and his pair of shoes. What do you expect from a pair of shoes? They will show you the world from a perspective you probably never had before.

After the First Chapter…

After the First Chapter, as you can guess, you will be more familiar with this new world and its rules. The pair of shoes, the souls’ extraction, the university, the claim of S. to become a Governor.

His past starts to be more and more difficult to understand, surrounded by mystery. Where his soul comes from, for instance? Why did he decide to become a dealer of souls?

And yet, the entire situation will change again and again! I’m sorry for S., but many strange things will happen to him.

So let’s start reading the First Chapter!

First Chapter, the world of souls.
First Chapter, the world of souls.

Below you’ll find all the 13 parts of the First Chapter of Soul’s Alive:

And now… The Second Chapter of Soul’s Alive!

This story has been published once per week from October 2018 to October 2019, with all rights reserved for the story and its translations by Flyingstories and in the person of Daniele Frau.

All the graphics are handmade and designed with different techniques by Gabriele Manca, DMQ productions, who reserves all rights.

How important is it to read?

The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.
The importance of reading, graphic by Daniele Frau.

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