Why writing a kids book?

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Just imagination

It was long ago, I was a kid. Long before I was mature enough to start questioning myself. In my mind, there wasn’t much space for anything else than fantasy. I sat in my room, surrounded by white walls and all of a sudden, I found myself in a forest, in a castle, or anywhere else, really.

White walls

It’s when we reconnect with that silence and those white walls that we allow the fantasy to come back to life. Our strange characters crawl back, the wind starts whistling again in the forest of our imagination, inside the castle of our emotions.

Kids stories aren’t just stories

Why writing a kids book?

They are canvas; blank canvas kids use to picture their ideas. When I choose the ingredients for my stories, I do so using my white walls technique. I think about what I want to say, the final meaning, as an adult. Then I close my eyes and in a moment, the child inside me takes over, redesigning that adult idea into something less concrete, less tangible.

Kids book, kids stories

It’s time for the story to start its own life, under the force of my fingertips.
After a few days, I always come back to the text I wrote the first time to add something, change it completely and then reread it. When I’m writing for children, I have to do a further step. I have to think:

“I’m leaving enough space for the child to create his/her own story?”

When writing a story for kids, we must answer this question.
It’s not about us and the plot anymore; it’s about something more profound. We’re dealing with personalities, beliefs and strong emotions. We often tend to forget, but children aren’t mere reflections of ourselves. In fact, they are something way more complex and often entirely different than we think.

Nodo, the chairs’ mover

I had to keep it in mind when I first wrote Nodo the chairs’ mover. Nodo doesn’t have to be a hero or an anti-hero. It doesn’t need to teach anything at all. He’s the impersonification of a fear and children have to laugh about it. They must laugh at the twigs’ snapper in the forest and the keys’ hider when they see their parents getting crazy, searching franctically for their precious keys.

When I first heard a child laughing at my story, I understood I was going through the right path. I created the right set of blank canvas for him.

Daniele Frau


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