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Philippines, here we are

Welcome to Flyingstories.org

Our idea


There are so many different blogs and websites about travelling, teaching or simply tutorials. Seems like everyone is having the same idea in the same moment. How flyingstories is different? We’re not marketing oriented, with flyingstories we want to share our experience as travellers. Furthermore, we like to invent some stories from time to time and we’re gonna publish here.


Obviously, the flyingstories will be original and are going to have videos and pictures to explain it. Something more? We’re going to write in English, Italian and Russian, but we don’t want to stop there, come on board! Above all, we want to have fun, so we’re going to speak only about something we have a really expertise on. How to speak a new language, for example, or how to start writing a story. We’re going to be a tutorial, in the end?

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As mall Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

A deductive approach

Rather than scaring children with a foreign language, now we want them to approach about it as a game. A deductive game, as for a Sherlock story in which we never know how’s going to end it till the end. While reproducing new sounds for us was a stressful matter, for them are new friends. These friends are met step by step in a nursery rhyme, for example. A small pièce teatrale is their motivation and the grammar. The grammar? Certainly important, the grammar is approached as for a native speaker, without confusion, without strict rules. There will be time for that.

Which method for which students?

First of all, the target is important. I always remember an old French teacher which wanted to teach us a nursery rhyme about a small duck she wrote. Obviously, we were 12 yo, so adult enough to have hairs in the armpit and that story was just hilarious for us. No way the small duck could teach us anything.  So the moral here is the lesson is as important as understanding the need of the target we have in front. The first step is to approach in a deductive way, as small modern Sherlock.