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Il valore di un'anima

The value of a soul

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The value of a soul

It would have been a nice ending

It would have been really romantic, a perfect happy ending if only that souls wasn’t so pure. Many times people appreciate stones more than fluffy animals, climbing plants or even other human beings. It seems unbelievable, but I verified myself how people fall in love with small coloured stones. Their value changes as they’re reflection happens to be pure when encountering light. Wars, invasions started and still continue to happen around the world for some greedy hands having the right to be full of shiny stones. It’s really unbelievable. Certainly you will find grey and white rocks, but if you can find it everywhere it doesn’t make any sense to lose your time searching for it. It’s love for rarity. The same kind of love for scarcity you will find when changing subject and speaking about pure souls. How do you determine the value of a soul? It cannot be only the light to make the value arise.