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The night... la notte

The night

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The night is made for nightmares

In the night every door makes a different sound if you knock on it. There are different ways of knocking and different doors to knock on. The wood is as important as how impatience is the fist going to knock. Usually the most used way to call for attention in front of a door is to hit it with a flat hand or with a fist. In our case the hand is knocking hard with the fist, but with a certain elegance all the same.

S. is a professor in Sales

Sales lessons

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Sales lesson

What are sales- first lesson

“Selling is an instrument of the dealer, to supply a demand using his skills and experience as a resource.  Not only just selling, then, but giving our expertise. You’re not simple merchants, but Knights of the Round table, messengers of the brand- new.