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flying in Frankfurt

All you need is dust

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As simple as dust

My idea is simple as the dust. It let me think about how fantasy and reality are connected, even though for very different purposes. The magic dust allows people to fly in a book and at the same time stop children attempting the same in reality for their own good. It’s the most romantic way to the nowadays “this is a fictional character, don’t try it at home”. So the next question I asked myself was: we really need the dust, as adults? The “dust formulae” it’s useful only for imaginative children, or it’s true for imaginative adult as well?

flying is natural

The dust of Peter Pan

A new point of view: the dust

What we always have seen in Peter

Peter Pan is the simple guy from our infancy which, as Barrie the creator stated “never grow”. For more than one century we used him as a metaphor for all the modern fears and to explain the “never grow” desire, alias fear of death. Peter, with his strong attitude, his fearless and also his phrase “To die will be an awfully big adventure” is not quite a reflexion of the fat lazy TV watcher in which we all are going to be transformed one day or another. Peter Pan is a strong character, created by his writer apparently mostly for family reason.

So… What else?