Sales lessons

S. is a professor in Sales

Sales lessons

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Sales lesson

What are sales- first lesson

“Selling is an instrument of the dealer, to supply a demand using his skills and experience as a resource.  Not only just selling, then, but giving our expertise. You’re not simple merchants, but Knights of the Round table, messengers of the brand- new.Although this may be difficult for you to understand at the beginning, I promised you will see it clearly then. Eventually, you will perceive the entire world as a big market, in which everything has a label, all got a price written over it. Take as granted that everything is divided between what can be sell and what cannot. You will understand the real value of a dealer when you’ll accept that you are the difference, you are the scale, even the scale needle itself. You are the future of this country and your sharp teeth and orderly neat hairs prove it. Youth, ready to climb mountains to make this world a better place, starting from your bank account. Yes ’cause money means possibilities, potential, the ground in which your flourishing life grow. Some of you could object”

And here the room seems closing in a silence made of shrivelling curious shoulders and noses ready to lean out for more

“that in most cases people don’t want to get better, but just keep what they already have. If you are here today, is for the reason that you believe in a world in which you can still find a new way to go beyond yourself. Again, you know better than me that sensation inside yourself telling you that you don’t want to be like the others, being ready to be out of mediocrity. Above all, your need is to beat you fists on the table, to be heard, and finally you will hang the key of your business on your own wall. Come on, let’s say it as we were speaking to our brother. We want to have in our pocket the keys of our shit!”

 now someone become silently to cry, while someone else cannot resist and start an applause. So much philosophy and… how brave, using all that difficult metaphors for a mere first year sales course

“This is the reason why our scout are always searching for new talents in sales field, as you. That’s why we’re searching for the ones between all of you ready to accept our ideas, and to divide them from whom feel they have an original souls inside, a superior soul, which is not for this place. It is not made for sales. Look around, this is the future and the future is not originality. Future is bigger than that, and if fantasy has rules the future are straight lines which bang, destroy, pass through with force when they cannot pass peacefully. We change the rules. Progress is a black train racing, a locomotive with a responsible conductor. He has to be tough in order to decide about work and life of the others, even if it means to create new opportunities. Some of yours will suffer listening to the truth, accepting how the world is really going on. Undoubtedly that people don’t belong here in this course, nor in this society, I dare to say. That group is made of people which is not ready to open to the future. Their souls are insensitive, small cold houses in which there’s no space for the truth. A soul needs space to develop itself, windows to see the world and big footstep to make it eternal.”

S. is a professor in Sales
S. is a professor in Sales

The audience opens the mouth amazed by all this high philosophy and some flies enter inside

“Consequently if the money rule the society our role will be to make money prosper. Without money there is no future nor hope of saving ourselves from humble jobs. A small dept can get our dream real, tomorrow. Nothing can guarantee our success as society better than balance the market of soul. As you probably know in the past we learned some sales strategy, when selling souls was considered illegal, a blasphemy. Probably that dark age taught us the importance of life once and for all. The importance of freedom.”

Now the audience opens the eyes wide. There are few rules in a lesson. One of them is to respect the time. The level of concentration if we follow the last studies is merely 5 minutes, so now we are already at the edge. Not to mention the second and most important rule, never exceed with rhetorical speech or with empty words as “freedom” or “respect”. Those no- words are dangerous if taken in a serious way. S. seems to realize it, so he stops and announce the end of the lesson. The last two minutes, two minutes of attention and the sons and daughters  of the future would go in the area with automatic machines to eat.

“The whole world passed through a dark age, a second Middle Age. In this case no one wanted to control the souls, thinking that it was possible for them to control themselves. With time we discovered that without a market of souls we were condemning an entire part of society and its ambitions. We ask ourselves why glorious companies got failed after a new owner step in. The first scholars thought it may be a lack of intelligence of the new owners. We saw failing huge companies. At the same time, without no apparent reason, they start finding great talents between the slums around in the countryside. But why a white soul would possibly chose the body of a poor instead of a rich? At first we tried with hormones, thinking that it would help the best souls choosing the best bodies. As you can imagine these efforts didn’t get good results. Write down this year: 1956”

the notebook scribble rapid under the pressure of well cured hands

“Year in which U. discovered transmigration of souls. It was during a war in centre Africa when the scholar decided to wear special glasses invented by himself. Then, he decided to write the famous “diary of souls”. There you will find all the genesis of the redemption movement, of all the ideology behind. But we will have time to speak about it”

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