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Small steps into a different world

A children’s approach to literature

Reading Trevor Noah’s book “Born a crime” we can read how he put books into the higher consideration. Books are something to be proud of, to read and re-read treating them always with the utmost care. As they were actual treasures.

So, let’s start from here our journey into literature and reading.

We can probably share Trevor’s experience, but are we sure our children would do the same?

Let’s start our journey on the importance of reading stories with baby steps then, shall we? We’ll break the problem into small questions, discovering this whole world like we did when we were just babies.

In this way, we can start asking ourselves questions about the amazing world of the art of reading. Oh yes, reading is an art, the art of discovering worlds that aren’t ours, walking on our tiptoes. Loving books and love to read cannot be taken for granted.

Few questions

Reading a step at the time
Reading a step at the time.

Why do we need to read?

What to read?

What can assist our reading?

Who’s the best partner for our reading?

Few days ago a four years old child told me:

<<Teachers punish me when I’m bad.>>

Let’s leave the “you’re a bad child” subject for another time. I got curious and I asked him:

<<So how the teachers punish you?>>

The answer he gave me may surprise you:

<<They tell me I have to go to read a book.>>

That’s how to answer back on the worst day possible to all the previous questions.

My last questions (a bit rhetorical this time) to you are the following:

When we really start to speak? We do so when we make our first phrases by ourselves?

The main theme then is communication and it’s knocking on our door right now.

Let’s open it, shall we?

To the next time,

Maestra Nuccia.

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