Our eyes, our pictures

Our main works

A young glimpse put the eyes over an old one, searching for the meaning of life. The eyes shrank, crushed by a natural smile. That said, the old sight died

Here you have an idea of the pictures we made all around the world. It’s easy to get lost sometimes in a new place, but we try to see everything with the alien’s eyes. And an alien never get lost. Not really.

Tokyo is an elegant woman who knows is beautiful, painted in black paper

Flyingstories is flying all around to give you a glimpse of what is hidden out there. Have a look to our Japan stories and its pictures, probably it will be the idea for your next travel in Tokyo!

I don’t know what it would be, an object maybe kicking and howling in my chest. Does it have a name? If called, will it answer?

This is our story of souls, called Souls (alive). Here you will find the text in English and Italian for free. The drawing- pictures are made by Gabriele Manca with his Dmq productions!

Learn Italian in an easy way!

Two times per month we decided to share our experience in teaching Italian to foreigners with some easy step-by-step Italian course. And some fun pictures!