Maestra Nuccia

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A born teacher

Maestra Nuccia seems to be a nickname, but it was for a long time the name hundreds of children used to call this amazing woman. Since she was a child she dreamed to be a teacher and for more than forty years she made it a reality.

One year passed since she decides to hung chalk and blackboard (as a figure of speech) so now we’re proud to have her in our team.

Who, more than Maestra Nuccia, could help us define the best way to approach reading?

Maestra Nuccia
Maestra Nuccia

We decided then to ask her help and go hand in hand through this path. We’ll discover which books are better to read and in which age, what it means to listen and tell a story, and much more.

Maestra Nuccia will be published as well on Genitori alla frutta, an amazing blog focused on what means to be parents and how to educate children.

What we can say more? Let’s read!

-1- Reading.