Terzo Capitolo


Anime vive

Death, souls

In this chapter you’ll find out something unexpected. Finally, when S. seemed to have found some peace, his father dies. Then, someone apparently stole his father’s soul.

That guy

On top of that, a guy appeared from nowhere menacing him. He wants his souls back and he’ll do everything to find it. To put his hands on what he thinks it’s his property.

There’s more!

But S. doesn’t have any soul, not even one for himself, exept for one he carries in a small box close to his heart. He needs to find the woman, the doctor, M., to find out what’s happening.

Something it’s restraining him to enter in her room and question her, but something will happen which rush all his plans.

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–1– Leave, the crowd –1–

— 2– Human food –2–

–3– Run! –3–

–4– That guy, again –4–

–5– Waiters –5–

–6– Help! –6–

–7– The trap works! –7–

–8– The Library –8–

-9- Treason! -9-

–10– The Train! –10–

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La storia sarà pubblicata una volta a settimana e tutti i diritti della storia e relative traduzioni sono riservati a Flyingstories.org e nella persona di Daniele Frau.

Tutte le grafiche sono fatte a mano, realizzate con tecniche differenti da Gabriele Manca, DMQproductions, che ne detiene i diritti.