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Certainly the direction is “more pics, less words”, but we don’t think that’s all. First of all, with our voice comes a range a deep meaning that a single picture rarely has. Second and most important fact, you don’t need to check how many pixels you have in your pen, before using it to write. Furthermore, to recorder you need only a mic and a bit of silence. But, it’s not better a video?

Voice vs Video

Seems like a Buggle song, remember? Radio killed radio star. Pictures came and broke your heart? Nah, we all can see the great power of pictures nowadays, the positive power that imagine is gaining over words. Obviously, there are some negative aspect, though.

The radio

Rather than focus on these negativa aspect, let’s see how our voice, as in a radio program or a podcast helps us send a message. The way we speak is important as well as the composition of the words. The timing, the silence, the pitch are all part of our communication. The best part of radio for me as a listener is that frees my hands to cook and my eyes, too. I can learn something new paying attention only to the words, imagining the rest. The deep meaning.

I heard the voices

Maybe you’re thinking “why we are comparing this two medias?”. That’s crucial to understand why some of our article are written only written-form like, and others are as . Fare video or podcast. When our purpose is to lead the attention only on the words, we try to make a call to action for your ears. The only action, besides thinking, will be listening. Probably, listen to our voice it will make us more familiar to you, and familiarity increase the possibility for our message to be understood by your brain. For these and a lot of other reason, we decided to have this category as well as Gli occhi e Our words. Hope you’ll enjoy!

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