What do you expect from a humble pair of shoes?

How they finally found out souls aren’t just born to work the land

I’m a humble pair of shoes

I know, I absolutely know… you’re not going to give any credibility to a humble pair of shoes, even though I can say I’m brand new, as new as a Government its first day after the election.

I’m not elected and I’m not able to govern even my laces, and still… I don’t feel out of place when I compare myself with all those other moronic- lost- stitched- damned souls.

Are you still here?

Amen, actually the fact you’re still reading is a vote of confidence. And if I’m here, you can bet I’m not the same as all the other shoes. I know how many times you’ve heard this before, but I’m not really the kind of shoes eager to shout out Griffondumbledore!

Shoes_Souls Alive. Story by Daniele Frau_Illustrations by DMQproductions
Shoes_Illustration by DMQproductions.

I know it’s easier that way, instead of imagining me as a mere case for a roving soul.

So it’s not so strange if I’m speaking to you as we met before. As far as I know, you can be really strange. Anyway, I think I met you before, on my roaming.

Yes, yes when I say you I’m precisely speaking to you, crooked nose with a frowning forehead. So, now we introduced ourselves I show you who is walking harmoniously over my soles: a tall gentleman with a fashionable mustache.

A man with mustache

S., the dealer of souls_Souls Alive. Story by Daniele Frau_Illustrations by DMQproductions
S., in Souls Alive_by DMQproductions

You don’t see them often, I must say (fashionable mustache, not tall gentlemen). I like him because is always walking around and never dragging the soles, as people usually do. Hopping up and down in the street and on the tram. In this way, I have a chance to have a look around.

You may think being trapped inside a pair of scarpe would be considered troublesome, a divine punishment even. Not at all, believe me. I feel freer as a pair of shoes than tons of souls closed inside small boxes ready to be sold. See, the discovery of the soul was a mistake, and due to the unique characteristics of human beings.

Trapped inside a human body, a soul can be weighted, watched and finally extracted. When the dead body is dead, passes from an “alive state with soul” to one as dead with soul.

In that precise moment become possible to extract the soul from a body, as it was merely a trapped gas. Men are clever and with time they improved the technique of extraction. Today it’s even possible to pretend to die, taking a pill, so it’s possible to exchange a soul without being dead.

A rare kind of soul

In some rare case, the soul is so attached to the body it’s leaving, that has a wish to die with it. One overall was the famous case of the comedian. In this case, his artist’s soul was well hidden behind huge shoulders and a grim look. A boxer maybe, you’d think giving him a glance in the street, not a comedian.

A pure light

When his soul left the body, they said the light unleashed was pure, blinding. Everyone started laughing, they couldn’t manage to stop as they took a drug dispersed in the air of the room. Someone thought it was the last joke of the comedian.

No, the body was dead, was just the purity of that soul. Then, suddenly, that glimpse of craziness went off and in the dim light, everyone got quiet. The comedian, laying down on his bed with his eyes closed, stretched his blue lips in a grin and started speaking.

If you’re curious about what is going to happen next, when the soul will start to speak, read it here The speech of the soul.

If you landed on this page, but you don’t have any clue of what this is all about, please read what is this story about. And remember that this is a bilingual project, so you can read it in English and Italian.

Questa storia è stata pubblicata una volta a settimana da ottobre 2018 ad ottobre 2019 ed è stata pubblicata nel libro omonimo, Anime vive. Tutti i diritti sulla storia e relative traduzioni sono riservati da Flyingstories e nella persona di Daniele Frau.

Tutte le grafiche sono fatte a mano, realizzate con tecniche differenti da Gabriele Manca, DMQproductions, che ne detiene i diritti. 


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