Taipei, Taiwan


Our eyes, our audience


Taipei, spirited awayMake videosĀ is not simple, and it’s not easy to attract the attention of an audience. As a result, most of the time we have the sensation to see the same video over and over again. Seems like instead of trying to be original, we’re trying to be average. Consequently, it began a chain: we create average content, no one watch it and we create more contents to cover the fact that no one watch the previous one.

Our idea

Our idea is different, we’re not trying to impress anyone. As a result, we create contents which are interesting for us, which can help someone visit some place he/she won’t be able to ever visit. We can easily be in Russia today, in Italy tomorrow, in Korea or China. And we live in Dubai. Certainly, we have a lot of chance to make videos and show our view of the world.