The sound of our voice

Recordings page

We decided one year ago (2017) to collaborate to create a website. The purpose? Share information with the whole world, in English, Italian and Russian. It’s not easy, it’s a passion and as all the passions it has a limited time. Anyways we decided to go on and, exploring the world, take all the ideas we got and put it into pictures, videos, words and recordings.

Why recordings

Reading an article is not easy per se. It could be easier if you could listen the lesson you like, an article about a new place to visit when you’re driving, washing the dishes (not all the people have a wash machine, though) or simply reading something else. Let’s imagine a radio, but without adv and with a lot of new information about places you wanted to visit.

Our voice

Our voice is important, put it into recording will be useful with our language lessons. You’ll see, you’ll love it!