Flying high

Flyingstories.org is an idea of a bunch of people, crazy enough to imagine a different world while flying all over the old one. We wanted to answer the question “it is really possible to make people from distant places and with completely different background work together?”. Until now I can say that flyingstories is answering positively to this question.

Different languages

First of all, with flyingstories we decided that English is not enough, if we want to deeply communicate to our audience. That’s why we are now bilingual English and Italian and we’re coming soon with new projects in Russian. Do you want to help us translate it in your languages? We are here, ready to open our website to you and your ideas.

Yes, nice, but what is this about?

We have different cateegories in flyingstories. All the categories have something in common, they describe the World or other worlds with the same open mindness of a baby, or an alien, choose the one you like more.

Our Eyes

flying is natural

                   flying is natural… or not?

In Our Eyes section we have pictures and videos from all over the world, that you can find also in our Facebook and Instagram account.

Our Voice


   web radio recordings, upload your thoughts

Here in Recordings we post our podcast, with the idea of having our radio program soon, in order to reach visual impared and for all those people which spend more time in the car listening to the radio than reading.

Our Words

As mall Sherlock

                          As small Sherlock

Our words is one of the most productive section of flyingstories. However, it’s the most productive because we like to teach languages, to give the idea that we are different, but we can learn a lot from this difference.

Our Travels

Racconti giapponesi

                                  Japanese tales

Let’s have a look at that, and you’ll discover another productive section. Why? Easy, some of us are cabin crew, in few words the kind of people that never stop flying and see new places! Read about our travels.


Down The Mask Gabriele Manca

Down The Mask Gabriele Manca

Finally, welcome to Fiction, the section of flyingstories all concentrated on characters. Fictional or non- fictional, you’ll judge!