How Flying Stories begin

Flying Stories

A story of curiosity

In our everyday’s life the act of surviving has been replaced most of the time with the need of understanding. Understanding where we are going, wondering if where we are going is the right path or not. Internet seems to have all the answer, but guess what? If you ask Siri “Siri, give me the sense of my life”, she’s gonna answer back “I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer for this question”. And we are lucky, ’cause if she had one, we’d have a looot of truble!

What move us

So everyday we wake up, we prepare for school, university, work or just to seek one of those. Exams, controls, gym , all part of a big engine in which we are running like mice. We stopped a second and we become to ask ourselves if there was an Alien, a good one with antennas and green in color, and he was looking at us from his distant world, how could he possibly see us?

The alien metaphor

This Alien is different for everyone of us. He could be everything, and he could be a she, and most of the time just a cute animal we see in the street. If we start looking at the world with the eyes of this new friend, I can sure you, you’ll start enjoy ten thousand times more your life. All the languages we created, all the streets and parfumes, the taste of the food, everything’s gonna be new for you! But how to explain?

Not a child

But we’re not children, the idea of the Alien watching us is exactly this. Watching the world without judging as an adult, but at the same time using the complexity of vision of an adult which drove all over the Galaxies, and after ten billion of planet decide to study our planet.

You are part of it!

There is always a new slot for a a New Alien, the Space is so big! It’s important you are curious, you have the passion for writing, or shooting photos, make videos or simply recording yourself. Express yourself as you’d be in a new planet, you’re gonna enjoy every single bit of it!

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