Cinema, a kiss

Cinema, the kiss

Cinema, a kiss

The meeting

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So here we are as per schedule at 8 sharp in front of the coffee machine, where a couple pretends to read a book due for the the next lesson

Formulation for rotating the selling process in the field of medial entertainment

In other words, one of those lessons and matters denied from the idea of sense itself, but in which words such as “considerable” or “infinitesimal” are mistook for difficult words just because of the number of the syllabes are composed to. The girl in blue arrives on time, you can see her coming from the stairs with a document folder under her arm. We’re going to the cinema! Today’s movie is about heroes that are going to save our world from an evil and distant planet. Oh, how innovative these new directors!

The cinema theatre

Cinema, the kiss
Cinema, the kiss

This cinema theatre as we said is similar to any other cinema theatre, red carpet and advertisements included. In the walls colours, lights and shapes are mixed and moving all together. Everything has been made to bring the attention level lower and lower. This is entertainment. Why thinking when you can be relaxed? You don’t have to walk a lot, just wait for a small line to buy some pesto pop corn or chicken with mayo and roasted potatoes. Checking the tickets, I can see a girl and a boy with huge smile moving their hands around, an invisible master moving them as play- doh characters in stop- motion. Conversation is going well, we’re at one of the moment in which you’re going to share something about the past. Both of them have parents, for a start, and both of them have or had a dog and a bicycle. They seem they are made for each other.

The advertisement

Inside the cinema theatre advertisement is ready to start, with a comic part in which three comedians make catcalls and give raspberries to each other and a fourth one is videotaping all and then sharing on a social network. Laughs are spreading fast in the room, meaning that happiness could be as simple as that to be reached.

Serious moments

Then the public service announcements, in which the Government reminds everyone that smoking and taking drugs is a bad thing to do. Obviously the audience is getting more serious now and the ones with spectacles are going to wear it fast. It’s the moment to demonstrate that we’re not basic beasts.

Fun, again

Now luckily the serious part is finished and the same comedians we saw before (but dressed in a funny way this time) are throwing cakes with piece of glass to each other’s faces. It seems painful, but whatever, it’s funny. Then, suddenly, the room seems to get empty. It’s time for advertisement that almost no one wants to watch. Advertisement about diarrhoea and house cleaning products are cheap for the advertiser, because they have the main purpose to give the audience some rest. A toilet break, maybe, and a moment to think about that noble message, that amazing comedians and the deep meaning of the speaking- cigarette speech.

Surprisingly, a movie

An hour passed and the movie is ready to start. The room is filled with silence, people getting curious about this sudden opening of the screen. Now everyone has to put the 3D glasses, to have a better view on the special effects. The story is amazing, with a famous actor two metres tall breaking rocks and a jaw, then jumping in a new world in order to save humanity from destruction. No one really needs plot or subplots, everybody knows in advance what the character are going to say, what they’re going to do and even why they’re going to do it. They watched the advertisement just a week ago.

The plot

Good is going to beat evil, the huge and good characters are going to beat the huge and bad ones. As easy as that. An afro- American actor is saying funny jokes and everyone starts laughing again, loosing balance on their seats. Such an uplifting moment to see humanity so similar, akin in recognising the good timing in which a good joke has to me made. For example, when the world is going to be destroyed. Outside the screen a big strange thing appears vomiting a green liquid, the ending is near. Luckily the advertisement come again, following the same sequence as before. Surprisingly and as it was a script for that, the laughs follow the same path.

Such an ending!

The ending of the story is following the expectations of the title

The blond giant is defending the Earth, Urgh!

The god gave an amazing acting performance, in all his four dialogues. The sub- plot in which you discover the alien is his brother was so unexpected that probably will bring an Oscar for best original screenplay. The audience leaves the cinema theatre thinking the movie worth all the money, all the pop- corns. A story with a plot and even a sub- plot, with all those special effects, all those fights, oceans ready to touch the sky and all that.

Ah, kisses…

With this mixed emotions S. and the girl in blue are walking with a tuna ice cream in their hand. The conversation takes an interesting turn, when they start speaking about the last song of the one- note group known as G. and G. Now comes the most awkward moment. It’s better to kiss each other and go for the next step, or just skip it and go for bowling. The kiss seems to be the best option and some old couples sigh passing by in reminescence. Over their head an advertisement states

Play your favourite lottery, you can win amazing prizes. From one million in gold to a white soul. Play NOW

Dreams are what makes a society go further, so imagine how attractive in this context could be a new soul. Meanwhile, the kiss finished with satisfaction on both sides. We’re ready to go happily somewhere else, and an old man with red socks stop to buy a ticket for the lottery just behind us. He’s thinking that this ticket is going to make a twist in his future.  

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