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Japan! Stories


3,2,1 go!

We start our journey in Dubai, but we can easily skip this detail to arrive directly here in Terminal 2, Narita Airport. It’s summer and I can feel it in the air. However, here I can breathe, not as in other Asian destinations. Look mom, I’m in Japan! I landed in between an alien movie and the tidy drawer of my friend Sabrina. After repeating as many time as I can ‘arigato’ (thanks) I finally try to find a logic in all this order. The navigator keep telling me I have to find an underpass called B2F. I’m lucky enough to find it and even blessed, ‘cause two person address me in English!

Dakar, Senegal


–read in Italian–


First stop: Dakar

Three million inhabitants, Senegal’s Capital city, Dakar is a city full of traits that make it a destination alluring for tourists. One of those traits is the famous Paris- Dakar. Even though if you want to attend it, nowadays you need to take into account to go halfway across the world. Football is another big star here, and in the street you’re going to see loads of people with the famous Lion’s t-shirt. And the food, and the people. But let’s go step by step. Dakar is similar to other African cities I visited, but more clean and tourist- friendly. So the first night I felt myself safe enough and brave to take a taxi and go a bit out of the city, close to the sea, in a restaurant managed (I discovered later) by a nice woman from Liguria, Italy.

But what exactly is Dakar? 

Sziget, passport of love

Sziget festival


A show in a show

Sziget. Clearly, not the easiest word to pronunce, as probably 99% of the words you see around since you land here in Hungary. And even so, you begin to remember it quite fast, ‘cause everyone is speaking about it. It’s 9th of August and even the Citadel, usally crowded in this time of the year, is quite silent. Yes, the noise is elsewhere.


Hold on a second, if the Citadel is not crowded, doesn’t mean there is no movida apart from Sziget. I’m not gonna take so much time describing the ruin pubs, ’cause you can read about it in any good travel blog. Our personal experience was a crowd queueing endlessly outside a famous ruin pub. We decided to find some “less famous” pub, and it was still a good one. Thanks Hungary and thanks hungarians.

How to reach it

Gay pride Amsterdam 2018

Gay pride in Amsterdam

Gay pride


Normal horse or a unicorn?

There are some associations firmly stuck  in our minds, for example if I say rainbow what are the first three things  you would imagine? Let’s presume for a second that one of them is a flag. Let’s presume again that this flag is now a symbol of freedom and open mindedness.
Yes, it’s not happening without a reason. Social media and events happening around the world are using it nowdays like a symbol of the certain idea, as a call to action for LGBT rights.
So let’s look closely at one of the most famous gay events – “Amsterdam gay pride”. Who could imagine that the history of this parade is going back to 1970!