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We like to give you stories to reflect about our reality, enjoy them in the Fiction session. We publish in English and Italian every week!

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Like aliens

Our passion becomes a work, eventually. We fly from one continent to another, watching as we were curious Aliens. Explore it in the Our Travels session

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Do you love Italy?

Do you always wanted to study Italian but you've never found the right method? Explore our Languages session and start today!

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An entire world of souls is waiting for you in the Fiction session. It's a story of a man who lost his own father's soul and he will start a journey to find it out. Read it in English and Italian!

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Italian Lessons

Two times per month you'll have your Italian lessons for free. From the experience of Daniele Frau as teacher of Italian for foreigners, you'll start using your Italian with fun! Follow the lessons on our Language session!

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Our Heroes

In the People section you can read about our heroes, their adventures and super powers. Juggling, drawing or simply a mathematicians. Read about them and be inspired!

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Flying Stories couldn't miss to have a Travel session. Check that out, read how we found ourselves lost in Japan or Amsterdam. You don't like reading? No problem, check the Our Eyes session for videos and pictures!

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Piccoli passi nella letteratura
July 16, 2020 No Comments


You don’t speak Italian? Don’t worry, we translated it for you in English! Piccoli passi verso la lettura I libri erano le mie proprietà più preziose. Li tenevo su uno scaffale di cui andavo molto orgoglioso. Amavo i miei libri e li conservavo con cura. Li leggevo e li rileggevo senza fare le orecchie alle […]

Reading a step at the time
July 16, 2020 No Comments


Non parli inglese? Non c’è problema, abbiamo tradotto l’articolo per te in italiano proprio qui. Small steps into a different world A children’s approach to literature Reading Trevor Noah’s book “Born a crime” we can read how he put books into the higher consideration. Books are something to be proud of, to read and re-read […]

Finale_The end
December 2, 2019 No Comments

The end

Election time Beautiful girls in underwear walk covered with billboards. On the pictures hung under their necks, the round faces of aspiring statesmen. In the end In fact, everything continues as always. The Independence day gives all the time the families need for chatting in front of their rectangles full of lights. These rectangles, knowing […]